You Will Now Be Able to Unlock Twitter with a Key!

Twitter Hardware Keys for More Secure Logins

The massive cyber-SIM swap attack on Twitter resulted in accounts of people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Twitter’s CEO’s Jack Dorsey, and others getting hacked. To ensure complete security, Twitter is taking all requisite steps to future attacks. To do so, the microblogging app is planning on rolling out a new feature that will allow all account holders to security keys as a method of authentication. 

Twitter Hardware Keys for more secure logins will be like USB devices that can be plugged into a PC. or smartphone. Users can store their passwords on it. These keys work like an actual key, allowing users to access only a particular account. Twitter said it would also allow users to enroll multiple keys for logging in. This means that, users with multiple accounts, can enrol multiple hardware security keys for logging in.

twitter unlock

This essentially means users will soon be able to use hardware security keys as an alternative to the already existing authentication method. Also, the hardware would allow users to log in without having to insert a traditional username-password, which could eventually result in fewer cases of ‘forgot password.’

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How hardware keys work?

Hardware keys have been in use for a while now, and even the latest laptops in the market come with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner. It is also with to note that devices that do not have fingerprint scanner can use the hardware keys via a Bluetooth connection or USB port. This method is safer when compared to traditional methods as it allows logging in via biometric authentication.

twitter hardware keys

Companies like Google, Yubikey and Feitian make hardware security keys. They typically connect by plugging into a USB port, but some models use NFC or Bluetooth radio communications. Many of these devices are construed on protocols approved by FIDO Alliance’s U2F, and uses an open authentication standard that permits internet users to securely access any number of online services with a single security key.

Twitter is taking baby steps towards getting rid of SMS-based authentication. Twitter hardware keys for more secure logins can work effectively in eliminating the need for passwords altogether. For example, several Microsoft Windows-running PCs are now coming with fingerprint scanners to enable Windows Hello login method that is considered relatively safer than other options.  

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