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Microsoft Teams Features Update In The COVID Times

Work from home and companies operating remotely have become the new normal in the post-COVID era. Microsoft, not unlike its other tech rivals has also been attempting to leverage the emerging trends. Microsoft Teams has continued to be a major player in assisting employees and companies to facilitate remote work. Remarkably, even at the beginning of the outbreak, the software giant began by making a free version of Microsoft Teams accessible to all, across the globe. Moreover, it has also introduced several new Microsoft Teams feature updates in the recent months to further upgrade the platform.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a unified chat-based tool that aims to facilitate communication and collaboration in teams operating remotely from different parts of the world.  A part of the company’s Office 365 services, Teams combine various functions like document collaboration, application integration, storage, chats and video-conferencing into a single platform. Moreover, the platform also integrates and offers support for other Office 365 tools like SharePoint, Exchange, Skype and Yammer.

Latest Microsoft Teams Features Update

In one of the latest updates, Microsoft announced a set of new communication tools on Monday. Most significantly, the new tools will allow an extended limit of up to 20,000 participants on the platform. However, currently theinteractive meetings are limited to just 1000 participants and the platform enables view only mode for the new participants. The company officials have said that the interactive meetings limit has been set offer more control on the way large scale meetings are managed.

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Modern UI for Teams Devices

Microsoft Teams

Moreover, it is also set to introduce a modern Teams user interface to Microsoft Teams phones, Microsoft Teams displays and its USB peripherals.Additionally, it has also introduced a cloud-based phone system called the Teams Calling which enables users to seamlessly shift between calls, chats and meetings.

Extended Support for select SIP and 3 PIP phones

Microsoft has also extended its Skype for Business (3PIP) Phones support beyond 2023. Thereby, allowing users to continue using their existing Skype for Business phones without any worries even as they move to Teams amidst the changing circumstances. The platform will also offer support core calling features on SIP phones from Yealink, Polycom and Cisco until the first half of 2021.

Whiteboard Brings Offline Comforts To Your Teams Meeting

Microsoft Team

If that wasn’t enough relief to you and your team, you can now also enjoy many of the company’s exciting Whiteboard features on your Teams account. The apparently ordinary looking features can bring a lot of offline comfort to your online Team Meetings. The list of Whiteboard features coming to Microsoft Teams includes sticky notes, text objects and ‘select and move objects’ feature.

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Furthermore, you can also expect a faster and much enhanced Whiteboard performance with your latest Microsoft Teams features update. Besides, it will also facilitate online learning for students who don’t have access to a touch or pen device to participate in whiteboarding sessions. Teachers and professors would now be able will to present the digital whiteboard without students having access to drawing on the board.

Branded Meeting Lobby is also on the way

Furthermore, the company officials have shared that the platform is also working on a new ‘branded meeting lobby’ feature. It will allow organizations to add a custom brand background to the Teams meetings promoting their products and services. The new branding feature is likely to be rolled out in a few months.

You can avail all these Microsoft Teams features update with its Advanced Communications plan. Furthermore, the company is also offering a 60-day free trial of the Advanced Communications plan. You can avail the free trial offer via Microsoft Teams website and Teams Admin Centre by mid-August.

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