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YouTuber Combined iPhone X and Motorola Razr to Design a Foldable iPhone V

Although one of the most desirable brands of smartphones, Apple iPhones face backlash now and then either from consumers or its competitors. Recently Samsung mocked the brand in an advertisement for not launching foldable phones yet while Samsung has been introducing such devices every year.

What is Apple upto?

Since Apple did not announce anything in that regard, it may or may not come up with a foldable device. Thus, a growing impatient iPhone user commissioned himself for a certain DIY project.

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DIY iPhone

A Chinese YouTube creator with his channel named 科技美学 which roughly translates to Tech Aesthetics in English created a foldable iPhone. He stripped down an iPhone X and put the hardware inside of a Motorola Razr body.

Watch this YouTube video:

Product details

The video showcased the intricate process of how he was making it and the end product as well. He sacrificed quite a few dummy iPhones in the process as well to get everything right.

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The iPhone is crafted meticulously to make it look like other foldable phones available in the market. However, it does not look all great may be because the creator’s iPhone X was already damaged due to a fall previously as he told. He wanted to give it a new lease on life.


The video shows a glimpse of the iPhone in action too. The creator named it iPhone V. It still has a flexible OLED display with a massive notch cutout. However, the device is fulling functional and works just fine.

He also made it multitasking at the same time with the multiwindow feature. One can click photos while checking out the gallery. There are other interesting features as well.

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All now we can do is wait for Apple to come up with its own sophistically designed foldable iPhone will a secondary display on the outside. It could give tough competition to the current favorite Galaxy Z Flip 4.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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