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Is Apple Creating a World that Resembles Metaverse for Mixed-Reality Headsets?

Apple may not like the term metaverse, but it does not dislike its functions. It has become apparent from the fact that Apple is developing an interactive virtual world for the upcoming mixed-reality headsets. The tentative time frame of the arrival of these expectedly extremely expensive headsets is within the first half of 2023. And at least one of them would host the M2 chip.

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For years people heard about mixed-reality headsets being launched. Rumors were rife that the headsets would be introduced in 2020 but that did not happen.

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However, hopefully assuming the current reports to be true, the headsets may go into production in early 2023 which could lead to a WWDC announcement finally. The physical hardware is one part of the product as the software would play an equally important role.

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Mar Gurman’s views

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that Apple is on the lookout to hire people to build the software. He also said that one of these projects could involve their take on the metaverse but they do not prefer to call it by that name.

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The plan that Apple has for the headsets is not clear yet. Gurman reported in January that Apple is not making a metaverse for the mixed-reality platform. Well, it was evident from Apple’s absenteeism from the Metaverse Standard Forum.

However, Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter suggests otherwise. As already mentioned, he said Apple is planning to work on the software aspect and that would involve the development of a “3D mixed-reality world”. It is difficult to imagine something else other than the metaverse that would be able to blend in real-world elements.

Mixed-Reality Headsets 1


Gurman after looking at the job listings concluded that the mixed-reality platform would have features like Siri and Shortcuts which are already found on the existing Apple devices. The headset owners may have access to some kind of video service as well which would serve as a portal to “3D content” revolving around VR.


Pricing-wise, you cannot have a budget of buying a Quest or even a Valve Index headset and expect the same cost for an Apple mixed-reality headset as well. Reports point to the price being around $ 3000 for such a high-end product with arguably the best hardware offered in an AR/VR product thus far.

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Product names

According to claims in previous reports, the realityOS headset could have 10+ cameras and may be called Reality Pro. Another headset could be called Reality One.

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