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Why are Facebook & Apple at Loggerheads Again?

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If you are wondering why are Facebook & Apple at loggerheads, you must know that Facebook has always been critical of Apple and vice-versa. Facebook went a step ahead this time and commissioned Comscore to do a study that asserts that Apple’s pre-installed applications unfairly dominate the iPhone. This of course did not go well with Apple and vehemently retorted.

Why are Facebook & Apple at Loggerheads?

Comscore conducted a study including interviewing about 4000 users last fall on how they use iOS with third-party as well as default apps. The outcome is in line with what Facebook already claimed that the preinstalled apps on Android and iOS dominate the devices, particularly about the basics like Clock, Photos, Messages, Camera, Weather, etc. However, it is the pre-installed app iMessage on iPhone that the social media giant has brought up concerns about many times.

After Russia made Apple offer third-party applications on setup a few months back, Apple is currently seeing pressure from legislators in Europe and the USA as well about its pre-installed apps.

Comscore’s study revealed that 15 out of the top 20 apps were made by Apple itself. Gmail (20th), Instagram (19th), Amazon (16th), Facebook (12th), and YouTube (9th) are the third-party apps that made it to the top 20 list on iOS. Facebook is the only third-party developer to enjoy two of its mobile applications in the top 20.

Let’s hear it from the Horses’ Mouth

According to Joe Osborne, the company’s spokesman, Facebook paid for the study to show the “impact of preinstalled apps on the competitive app ecosystem.”

Why are Facebook & Apple at Loggerheads1

In response, an Apple spokesperson told The Verge, “This Facebook-financed survey from December 2020 was narrowly tailored to give the false impression that there’s little competition on the App Store”. He further added rejecting the findings, “In truth, third-party apps compete with Apple’s apps across every category and enjoy large scale success”. As per him the methodology of the survey was “seriously flawed in a number of ways”. Apple did not miss to mention that the survey contradicted a more recent study by Comscore on app use conducted in April 2021.

However, Alex Health of Verge opined that the latest study “didn’t attempt to factor in the usage of all preinstalled apps like the Facebook-commissioned study did.”

Google is yet to comment on this whole fiasco.

The study may not have taken the nitty-gritty into account about the apps. However, it surely points to the fact that the platform owners have complete power over what apps would be on the forefront or could be used on their devices. It is not just the app stores but the smartphones as well that serve as gatekeepers. Hope this article could throw some light on your probe as to why are Facebook & Apple at Loggerheads.

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