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Let’s Learn How To Check Electricity Bill On The Phone

Will it be wrong to say that our world is now digital? I don’t think so. Most of things that were being done manually until a few years ago are now being executed digitally. So, anything and everything, be it grocery shopping or paying your bills, can be done digitally. But if you are new to this world of online digital bill payments, you may get confused. Just a little bit of help and we promise you will become a pro in no time.

Even today despite the digitisation of payments many people still like to receive a hard copy of their bills via mail. It is a good option too but not really reliable. One may lose the mail or may be an unprecedented situation may cause the mails to not arrive. If you know how to check electricity bill on phone, not only it will let you pay the bills from the comfort of your home but you can keep a very organised record of all the bill payments. 

Check Electricity Bill On The Phone

So, today we will help you with something very basic. So, do you know how to check electricity bill on phone? In case you don’t know, then we assure you that you have landed on the right page. 

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Many state electricity boards have registered SMS facilities where if you send in your consumers no. it sends you a message with your outstanding amount. 

But with this facility, there is a downside. Each SMS that you send costs you Rs.3/- . 

If you do not wish to spend any money, then there are many other options too.

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There are many apps available on Android and iOS that let you check your bill and by connecting them with your UPI you can pay your electricity bill seamlessly too. 

Check Electricity Bill On The Phone 1

There are many apps and websites that can help you to check your electricity bill on phone. With the help of most of the online payment portals, you can check you electricity bill with just a few clicks. 

One of the most popular digital payments apps, PAYTM has a very simple interface with which you can easily understand how to check electricity bill on phone. Once you open the app, you will find an option for Recharge & Bill Payments where you can just put your consumer no. and pay the bill. The good thing is that most other digital payment apps like Gpay, PhonePe etc. work in a similar fashion. One additional benefit is that with these apps you can maintain a monthlies record of your electricity bills which means you can do away with paper receipts also. 

Our life has completely changed after Covid. We not only have to stay home for our safety we also need to embrace life with all the new changes. To ensure safety and social distancing, we should try and make all our bill payments electronically. Hope this article helped you in understanding how to check your electricity bill on the phone and never ever miss out or delay a payment. 

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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