With most people making transactions online, e-wallets have gained a lot of popularity. One such payment app is Google Pay which allows you to pay bills, shop online, or send money from your bank account to anyone in real-time over UPI.  Would you like to know how to change UPI id on Google Pay? Read on.

Google Pay allows you to do money transactions using the UPI ID, mobile number, QR code, or account number. You can change your UPI ID on this app. There are two reasons when you may want to change your UPI ID;

  1. When you want to reset your UPI ID
  2. When you have forgotten your UPI ID.

In this post, we share how you can change upi id in Google Pay by following simple steps.

First off, remember the UPI PIN or ID is the number you type in whenever you add a new payment account or make a transaction. So, you’ll be asked to set a UPI PIN when you add a bank account. However, if you already have a UPI PIN for your bank account, you can use the same PIN on Google Pay as well.

So, how to change upi id on google pay?

change upi id on google pay 2

Follow these steps.

  1. Open Google Pay.
  2. Tap your photo at the top left.
  3. Tap on the bank account.
  4. Next, click the bank account you want to edit.
  5. Click on more and then change UPI PIN.
  6. Type your new UPI PIN.
  7. Enter the new PIN again.

If you want to reset the UPI PIN, follow these steps.

1. Open Google Pay

2. Tap on your photo at the top left

3. Click on Bank account.

4. Next, click on the bank account you want to edit.

5. Next, click on Forgot UPI PIN.

6. Now, type in the last six digits of your debit card number and its expiry date.

7. Add a new UPI PIN.

8.  An OTP will be sent on your mobile phone. Type the OTP.

That said, do note that if you enter a wrong UPI PIN more than three times, you will have to reset or wait for 24 hours to make your next transaction. You will not be able to send/receive money during these 24 hours.

So, these were the easy steps to how to change upi id on google pay.