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Who is Elon Musk Seeking Help from to Run Twitter?

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Elon Musk did not take any time in bringing his new ideas to Twitter after completing the buyout of the company. Within the first few days, he fired the CEO, Parag Agarwal, and some other employees. However, to fill in the place, surprisingly he got somebody else of Indian origin to fix the situation.

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Who is the recruit?

Well, he used to work for Twitter before and is known as Sriram Krishnan. He would be lending a helping hand to Elon Musk with Twitter and reorganizing the plans of the company. Let’s know more about him and how is he going to make things possible for Twitter.

He is an engineer and a highly acclaimed technologist who has worked for Meta (Facebook), Microsoft, and Twitter. He moved to the USA in 2005 when he was 21 years old and started working in the tech space.

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Previous work experiences

Sriram looked after products such as the main timeline of Twitter, search, audience growth, building new UI, etc. when he worked with Twitter before. At Meta (Facebook), Krishnan developed mobile ad products. It is now one of the major networks in display advertising. He started his tech career with Microsoft where he worked for the Windows Azure division.

Current profession

Presently, he is an investor in early stages startups. He also specializes in looking out for upcoming cryptocurrency startups as a part of the a16z firm. In a tweet, Sriram mentioned that both a16z and he believe Musk to be the right person to impact Twitter.

He also hosts alongside his wife a podcast show known as The Goot Time. He has invited the likes of Calvin Harris, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk.

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How would he help Twitter?

Musk is probably going to do brainstorming sessions with Sriram about reshaping the company to have a better shot in the market. One of the biggest issues with Twitter is monetizing it. However, Musk has already some ideas to change the same as being discussed on social media.

Elon believes that a Twitter-verified account should pay for the same. He wants to make the blue tick available to people who pay a subscription fee of around $20.

It would be interesting to watch Sriram assist Musk with the necessary and proposed changes to help Twitter evolve.

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