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WhatsApp Upcoming feature- Block Unknown People from Message Notification

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WhatsApp is working on a feature that would let users block unknown people right away when they see their chat message notification. This is a great shortcut. Now nobody has to wait any longer than they should in order to block scammers and spammers.   


To prevent users from blocking people from their saved contacts, this feature would only be visible when the sender’s contact information is not saved. The feature is expected to be available with future updates.

WhatsApp is also working on other ways to block unknown or unwanted people. Users may be able to block a person from the chat list without having to open their profile.

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New feature update for iOS WhatsApp users

iOS WhatsApp users are expected to receive the camera mode feature soon. The feature would allow people to switch camera modes swiftly to capture photos or videos quickly and easily. Selected Android beta testers are already using this feature.

Proxy server support

The Meta-owned platform comes up with major and minor updates frequently to enhance user experience and engagement. Recently, they announced support for proxy servers that they did not support previously. The proxy servers would let users bypass the app ban and gain WhatsApp access through servers set up by organizations and volunteers.

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WhatsApp wrote in a blog post, “Connecting via proxy maintains the high level of privacy and security that WhatsApp provides. Your personal messages will still be protected by end-to-end encryption — ensuring they stay between you and the person you’re communicating with and are not visible to anyone in between, not the proxy servers, WhatsApp, or Meta.”

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