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Know How to Delete Unwanted Contacts from WhatsApp

Over time we have lots of contacts added to our WhatsApp which we don’t need anymore. If you also believe that rather than collecting clutter, we should keep our devices as clean as our room. Then, here is how to delete unwanted contacts from WhatsApp. Mobile is the most used thing in our daily routine, so keeping it clean will keep our heads peaceful.

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Steps to delete unwanted contacts from WhatsApp

  • Go to WhatsApp > Tap on the chats tab
Steps to delete unwanted contacts from WhatsApp
  • Click on ‘New chat’
new whatsapp chat
  • Now either choose or search for the contact you wish to delete
select contact on WhatsApp
  • Click on the contact’s name at the top
whatsapp contact name on top
  • Choose more options > find in address book > choose ‘More options’ > hit ‘Delete’
view address book in WhatsApp
  • Furthermore, refresh your contacts on WhatsApp (so as to confirm that the contact was deleted)
refresh contacts on WhatsApp
  • Again go to WhatsApp > hit on ‘New chat’ > ‘More options’ > ‘Refresh’

In case you wish to add back contact from WhatsApp:

  • Open your WhatsApp > go to the chats tab
add back contact on WhatsApp
  • Hit the message bubble icon available at the bottom right corner of the screen
bubble icon on WhatsApp
  • Choose ‘New Contact’
new contact on WhatsApp
  • It will ask you to enter contact information > Enter all the details (Name and contact number are necessary to rest are optional)
save whatsapp contact
  • Now tap on the ok sign at the upper right corner of the screen
save whatsapp contact on google
  • Go back and open the contact list > Tap on the three-dot icon available at the top right corner of the screen
  • Now hit refresh 

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Now that you know how to delete unwanted contacts from WhatsApp, your contact book is clutter-free. So whenever you have time, sit and see what unused numbers are and clear the clutter. Also, don’t forget that WhatsApp can’t sync with the contact book on your phone, so make sure you delete them from both ends if you do not need those contacts anymore. 


Will deleted contacts get to know that they have been deleted from the contacts?

No, this is the case only when you block them otherwise they won’t have any idea that you have deleted their number.

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Can a deleted contact still message me on WhatsApp

Yes, indeed they can send you messages on WhatsApp. But the difference is, you will see their number rather than their name in your inbox. If you don’t want them to message you, then you should block them, not delete their number.

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