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How to Add Bulk Numbers in Whatsapp Group from Excel?

Whatsapp is a trendsetting social media messaging app with more than 2 billion users and still dons the market. Millions of businesses are using Whatsapp to create waves in the technologically advanced world. They totally rely on Whatsapp groups for their business and make sales through Whatsapp. But the question that emerges is, “how to add bulk numbers in Whatsapp groups from excel?”

Why? After witnessing the popularity of Whatsapp in the business sector, the term “Whatsapp Marketing” was born in the world of marketing. 

Now, we know to perform marketing activities on Whatsapp, we need to update the group constantly. So, to effectively add bulk numbers in Whatsapp groups from excel, follow the below-mentioned simple steps and enjoy! 

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 Let’s Dive In!

How to add bulk numbers in whatsapp group from excel with easy steps? 

Here are easy peasy steps with which you can add bulk numbers in Whatsapp groups from Excel sheets. 

Follow them, and don’t forget to share in the comments section which method was very effective for you. (You know we love to hear back your feedback

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Step 1: Open your Gmail. 

Step 2: Click on contacts. 

Step 3: Click on export.

Step 4: For downloading, select Google CSV and download the file. 

Step 5: Now go to excel and enter the contact details in correct format. (first column Name and phone number second) 

Step 6: Save the Google Sheet in CSV (Comma Delimited). 

Step 7: Now, again, go back to Gmail and navigate down and click on more. 

Step 8: A drop-down menu will appear, and click on import. 

Step 9: Select your saved CSV file and import it. 

Step 10: All the members will be directly saved in your Google contacts. 

Step 11: Go to your WhatsApp and create a group and add the participants. 

Step 12: Viola! Your contacts are successfully updated in the WhatsApp group. 

Why should you add bulk contacts in whatsapp from excel? 

Whatsapp is a free messaging app that has gained a lot of popularity due to its unique features. It has award-winning features that are compatible with all operating systems. Here are the reasons why you should add bulk contacts in the WhatsApp group from excel. 

  • Allow sending all the essential texts and documents in one go. 
  • Facilitate marketing operations like sending flyers and brochures. 
  • No advertisement. 
  • Free of cost messaging service. 
  • The app is super user-friendly and has a large audience. 
  • It helps to generate more revenue without any investment. 
  • With only the admin can text feature, you can send targeted and valuable messages. 


We hope we were able to solve your ‘how to add bulk numbers in WhatsApp group from excel’ query. WhatsApp is a popular social media messaging platform, and it has gained more popularity after making Avatar on WhatsApp.  

However, if you are importing contacts from excel to Whatsapp, please make sure that you follow all the steps appropriately. 

Now that you know how you can add bulk numbers in Whatsapp groups from excel, go on and create that Whatsapp group now using excel. 

Till then, keep thriving on technology!

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