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How ChatGPT is Powering AI Conversations?

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The AI conversation world has been seeing a revolution since ChatGPT from Open AI came into being. The chat system has been churning out the best essays, opinion pieces and so much more.

This AI-based system makes use of NLP or natural language processing for stimulating human-level conversation. It is also capable for story telling and clarity laced responding for user query.

The popular AI tool is especially relevant for brands eyeing customer outreach that is personalized while being super interactive.

ChatGPT, an abbreviation for Chat-based Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a top garner for those aiming for customer engagement, lead generation, and a highly positive user experience. Such chatbots almost stand as beacons of heightened customer engagement as  well as automating repetitive tasks. Back with a language model that is huge, ChatGPT is capable of understanding and responding for language queries. This enables users for asking questions and thus, receive human-like response.

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The more important question is if ChatGPT and the tech behind it, will have huge influence and breakthrough as iPhone or Google search or even Amazon Alexa have had had.

The answer to the question will only come in years later. As of now, in 2023, AI experts are anticipating seeing more of such products, apps or even services on lines of ChatGPT. Changes will be seen in customer chatbots, voice-enabled VAs, search engines and the email inbox.

ChatGPT is currently being used for helping with daily tasks but what seems unclear how the tech behind ChatGPT could play a broader role for apps and related services put in use over every day. This industry is set to see immense impact, for customer service in the long run.

Ada, an AI-backed customer service tool company makes use of GPT-3, a version of language model used  by ChatGPT. It has announced deepening use of this technology across all its products.

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Summing up

Oren Etzioni, an advisor and board member from Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence says, “I would say, within six months or so, we’re going to see a huge step-up in the conversational capabilities of chatbots and voice assistants.” 

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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