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What is New About the Latest Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Phone?

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The Xiaomi 12S Ultra stunned us back in July when it came up with a 1-inch camera sensor along with Leica co-branding. Surprisingly, the brand was working on something more ambitious during that time.

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Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Phone unveiled

On Wednesday the company unveiled the “Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Phone” whose appearance is similar to the namesake flagship smartphone. However, it comes with a second 1-inch 50.3 MP sensor fixed in the middle of the camera island. This new sensor would be able to work with an interchangeable Leica M lens.

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Camera sensors

Xiaomi chose to shield the additional sensor underneath a large, circular piece of sapphire glass. Traditional interchangeable lens cameras had an opening cut out which is not the same for this device. Although this would protect the sensor from larger foreign objects and dust, it is to be seen whether or not it disturbs the overall optical transmittance.  

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The 48 MP ultra-wide camera which was positioned in the middle of the island is moved to the side. There used to be a 48 MP periscopic telephoto camera on the side before.

How to use it?

In a Xiaomi video it is shown that to install an interchangeable lens onto the 5G concept smartphone, the protection ring around the rear camera has to be unscrewed. Then using an adapter Leica M lens can be mounted onto it.

The above photo as taken by a Xiaomi employee makes the phone mounted with a Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 looks quite impressive.

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Similar device

The last thing closest to this combination was one of the Yongnuo 4G-connected Android cameras however they were available only in China. If you move a little further back, you may remember the Samsung Galaxy NX.


Xiaomi did not clearly say whether or not the 12S Ultra Concept Phone would be mass-produced. We just know that the project was developed simultaneously with the original 12S Ultra. Only 10 units were made of the 12S Ultra Concept Phone initially.


Some of those devices were given to social media influencers to check them out. Each unit is priced at around 300,000 Yuan or $41,210. These influencers better have insurance for the device.