Truecaller has taken a step ahead and recently launched the Guardian app. The caller-odentification app has used its learnings from crowdsourcing protection against spam and implemented it to create an app ensuring personal safety. The app allows users to share their location and alert their guardians in case of an emergency.

The Guardians app is a free-to-use experience, without any ads or premium tiers. In an official statement, Alan Mamedi, CEO and Co-founder of Truecaller parent True Software Scandinavia AB said, “Guardians was born out of a simple question – how can we crowdsource personal safety, just like the way we crowdsource protection against spam, scams and frauds with Truecaller?” He also clarified that no data from the app will be shared with any other app as the company doesn’t intend to gain profits out of the same.

Guardians app Launch Update

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How Does Gaurdian App Work?

 Signing up for the Guardian app is a pretty simple step. The app either uses the details of existing Truecaller account, or, in case you don’t have Truecaller, you can also start using the app by simply entering a registered phone number. In case you are not using Turcaller, you will either receive a missed call, or an OTP will be generated for verification purposes.

Guardian app only requires three permissions: your location, contacts, and phone permission. Once the verification is complete, the app will request you to select personal Guardians from the contact list. You can also select when to stop/start sharing location and even setup permanent sharing with selected Guardians.

Guardians app Launch Update 1

Guardian app is primarily focused on women users and has a forever sharing feature. The app even allows the contacts to call or message users with a simple tap. The approved contacts can also look at the particular location of the users once shared through the app. It even has an in-built has a panic button, which once pressed will inform everyone in the designated list within five seconds. 

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Currently, Truecaller’s Guardians app is available for download on Android devices for free. Stay tuned to this space for more updates on Guardian app. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get latest technology news delivered to your mailbox.