SafeTrek: Women’s safety app for women on the go


SafeTrek is a women’s safety app that allows you to stay connected with your loved ones while you are on the go – walking, on a bus or in a taxi.

Harrowing stories about women and their struggles with #MeToo movement has given enough reasons for developers around the world to curate a women’s safety app. SafeTrek is one such app that aims to provide protection and security to women while they are on the go. Susceptible to molestation, rape, and kidnapping, women in many countries don’t feel safe, especially while traveling alone. To help them enjoy their night-time out with friends and colleagues, we reviewed a host of dedicated women safety apps that aim to improve the safety and security of women on a day-to-day basis.

SafeTrek women’s safety app, now available as Noonlight, uses advanced technology to get emergency help to your exact location with just the press of a button. With a super sleek user interface, the Android and Apple app, protect its users in the face of an emergency. This safety app quickly sends alerts to the police emergency departments by sharing exact location details of users in distress. The app is designed to protect its users from the pain of calling 911 in stressful situations, and especially in cases where there is network problem. Moreover, this women safety app, unlike 911, can accurately detect the exact location via accelerometer, GPS, and gyroscope, and intimidates emergency rescue of the person’s information details.

Features of Noonlight women safety app:

  • You can add details of meeting people to the timeline. In case of an emergency, the responders will be there to rescue you.
  • Allows you to connect your Lyft account and share trip and driver information with immediate responders.
  • Doesn’t require a call. Marks all your movement and sends immediate help to your exact location.
  • The app tracks your location even when you are commuting – by bus, taxi, running, or walking.
  • Uses a Noonlight widget to “Send help!” directly from the locked screen of your phone.
  • Has a certified security team available on call round-the-clock to help you immediately.

The premium version of this women safety app, available at $3 a month, is updated with the following features:

  • The app can detect in case you have been in a car accident via accelerometer, GPS, and gyroscope, and automatically send first responders to your location.
    Connect it with Apple Smart Watch or Android watch and get emergency help by activating the “Send Help” alarm.
  • Use timer mode or panic mode to get immediate help at your exact location.
  • Conjoined with Alexa, ask Alexa to connect to the app to send help.

With a review rating crossing 4.5 stars, Noonlight is a secure safety app that gives you peace of mind whilst you are out enjoying a drink or two with your friends. It is by far the most popular women safety app ensuring women safety in difficult situations. Download it right away and enjoy a happy evening out!