Amidst the Privacy Policy update, which has witnessed several loyalists leave WhatsApp, the messaging app has been receiving several updates to keep the rest hooked on. The messaging app has been introducing new features to improve the overall user experience, and the latest one to join the list is the new animated stickers for voice messages.

WhatsApp has recently introduced new animated stickers for voice messages. Not only this but the global users will now be able to switch off the read receipts that alert the sender of whether you have listened to the audio sent by them or not.

New Animated Stickers For Voice Messages 1

The latest WhatsApp update with new animated stickers for voice messages is currently available on the Apple app store and comes with slight changes to the instant messaging app. The new feature also has an in-progress bar animation that has been added for voice messages. With this new WhatsApp new update, all the voice messages, once a message has managed to receive the end of the bar, will go back to the start automatically.

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How To Use New Animated stickers For Voice Messages?

To use the new WhatsApp feature: Go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy. If a user has disabled the read receipts on iOS, the sender will not be notified even if the receiver listens to it. To disable Read Receipts, head over to ‘WhatsApp Settings’, ‘Account’, ‘Privacy’, and ‘Read Receipts’.

Animated Stickers For Voice Messages

The new feature is currently available on iOS 13 and has not arrived on Android yet. The messaging giant has updated its platform to version 2.21.40 and presently available on the Apple App Store.

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