Truecaller has rolled out a Spam Activity Indicator, a feature designed specifically for Android smartphone users. So, what is the Spam Activity Indicator?

The main purpose of spam activity indicator is to make communication safer and more efficient.

This update is set to fill in the gap and gives users’ the power to safeguard and protect their personal information from scam and fraud in a more efficient way. 

Chief Product Officer at Truecaller, Rishit Jhunjhunwala explicated the need of spam activity indicator. He said, “India is one of the fastest-growing mobile phone markets and this always prompts spammers to flood users with unwanted calls and messages.As a product made by the community and for the community, our commitment to our users is to constantly add new features that enable them to stay ahead of the curve. This new feature showcases three important trends: spam reports, call activity and peak calling hours. We believe these are the most important indicators that allow you to determine how risky the number is in your communication.”  

Why Need Spam Activity Indicator?

With us becoming solely dependent on out smartphones for every little thing, it is highly susceptible to fall in the radar of scammer and hackers. Also, since smartphones are our  primary gateway to the internet, it not only helps us in establishingconnection with family and friends, people abroad, it is also serves as our main banking and financial tool, and hence it is important to have a good spam activity indicator to protect from heinous online crimes.

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Truecaller has become indispensable in the lives of 240 million global active users. In 2019, Truecaller recognized 29.7 billion spam calls and 8.5 billion spam SMS in India itself. Owing to the apps accuracy along with unparalleled speed of spam & scam detection and high level of trust, it is difficult to negate the need of a functional spam activity indicator. . 

Features of Spam Activity Indicator

The Spam Activity Indicator aims to give Android users the power to make an informed decision, before taking the call. With the update, the app shows three main trends — Spam Reports, Call Activity, and Peak Calling Hours. This functionality will enable users to get all the information about a suspected spam caller right on the mobile screen, allowing them to reject or ignore the call.

Here are some of the features of Spam Activity Indicator:

  • Detailed statistics on the spam caller
  • Free number search and spammer statistics 
  • A future update will present accurate statistics right in the Caller ID to help users make the decision before answering the call. 

Truecaller’s Spam Activity Indicator feature is live on the Truecaller app on Android,however, it is a staged rollout since all devices do not have this feature. Stay tuned to know more about Truecaller features and advantages.