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The Ultimate Process to Change App Icon on iPhone

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For a long time, Apple did not allow iPhone users to modify their app icons. However, it changed for devices running iOS 14. All you need to change app icon on iPhone isthe Shortcuts app along with the knowledge to do it. Whether you are bored of the look of icons or you do not like some icons at all, this article is a guide on how to change app icons on iPhone.

Change app icon on iPhone

Buckle up if you want to change the way, the app icons look on your iPhone. Remember it may take some time but it would be worth the effort. Learn how to change app icons on iPhone from the process mentioned below:

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone
  • Click on the + (plus) icon in the top right
  • Choose Add Action
  • Look for Open App and select it
  • Click on the Open App button
  • Choose the application whose icon you wish to change
  • Click on Open App in the menu bar and name the shortcut matching the application
  • Select the More options icon and choose the Add to Home Screen button
  • Click on the Shortcut icon and pick the Choose Photo option
  • Identify the picture you want to use for the icon and select Choose
  • Click on Add to finish the process

Thereafter, the Shortcuts app will automatically close and you will be taken to the Home Screen. The new app icon would appear there, which you can move wherever you want.

To avoid any confusion, delete the original app from the Home Screen, which can only be found in the App Library henceforth. To remove the icon, long-press on the icon, click on Remove App, followed by choosing the Remove from Home Screen option. You may change the icon for all the apps you want one by one.

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Things to know before changing the app icons

It is to be noted that if you replace all the app icons, you will lose interactivity features. This includes the notification bubble which appears when there is a new email or message. It also includes all additional menu options that are displayed when the app icon is long-pressed.

Moreover, since you are replacing the app icons with Shortcuts, every time you click on an app, the Shortcuts app would open. You may lessen this absolute annoyance a little bit by getting into the Accessibility menu and choosing the reduce motion option.

Watch this YouTube video for a better understanding:

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How to get app icons?

Many websites offer iOS app icon packs. Etsy has a lot of stores offering the same. While some of these are available for free, most of them are to be purchased.

Finding a collection of free icons that has everything you might need takes time. However, the paid packs would have more collections of app icons that you want.

You can make your custom app icons as well if you have the time and knowledge to do so since they are just collections of images in PNG format.

You can use any image as the app icon. If you require something slick, you may get it professionally designed or design it yourself as already mentioned.

For a personalized yet quirky effect, click pictures of your friends or family. Then attach their mug shots to the apps that characterize them the best.

Once you know how to change app icon on iPhone and practice a few times, you are already a pro. Hit us in the comments section below for further queries or if you want to give some tips. If you found this article useful and interesting share it with others on your social media.

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