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The First-Ever 5G Smart T-shirt

These days, it’s all about smart wearables! Taking the concept a notch higher, Chinese network infrastructure provider ZTE recently launched a one-of-its-kind 5G Smart T-shirt as a part of the YouCare project. The YouCare project focuses on designing textile devices that can prove beneficial in monitoring the health of the wearers.

The 5G smart t-shirt, designed in Italy, has been developed by AccYouRate Group with partners such as ZTE, Let’s Web-earable Solutions, and BSP-Medical. It has been created to enable users to monitor their overall well-being without having to use invasive and uncomfortable metal materials. It will also be able to detect several vital bio-markers in the body and transmit them seamlessly using the 5G network infrastructure provided by the company.

How does the 5G smart t-shirt work?

The smart t-shirt detects the bio-vital health parameters using invisible polymeric sensors implanted on the shirt. It comes with a miniaturized control, which records data, which is then converted to digital format. This data is collated and further shared on a bidirectional platform. From here, the data is further transmitted to s smartphone or a smartwatch.

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Advantages of 5G smart t-shirt

International Red Cross, a renowned stakeholder in the YouCare project, has expressed its enthusiasm and is excited at the prospects of the project. The smart t-shirt can prove beneficial in detecting several vital health parameters, including respiratory act analysis, electrocardiogram, sweat, and muscle activity. With the use of textile sensors, the project aims to identify different health problems.

The 5G smart t-shirt will help in providing access to healthcare to a larger population. Since it offers remote monitoring, it will also prove helpful for wearers suffering from chronic ailments and will help them get immediate attention.

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