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Smartwatch Charging By Phone Now Possible

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Science has explored different dimensions of the human body and its capabilities. Recently, a team of researchers at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Singapore have come up with a way to charge wearable gadgets by tapping the human body as a medium for wireless power transmission. This means, soon smartwatch charging by phone will be possible.

The unique trick involves drawing power from one source, a smartphone for instance, and transfers it to other gadgets worn by the person. The new technique has been developed to manage the body-shadowing issues often faced by wireless charging systems in enclosed areas.

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How does smartwatch charging by phone works?

 The new system developed by the researchers, both the receiver as well as the transmitter on the human body holds a chip that further serves as a springboard to extend coverage over the entire body. Employing the body-coupled power transmission technology, the user is expected to place the transmitter on a single power source, for example, a smartwatch on their wrist, and the system uses this energy from the source to charge multiple wearables. The best part, only one device can charge multiple wearables at the same time.

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Other methods were also tested, including harvesting energy from the environment. Since we all get exposed to electromagnetic waves in a typical office or home environment, researchers tried to use this energy to charge tech wearables, regardless of their placement.

In a study published in the journal Nature Electronics, the researchers said, “Instead of trying to send charge around the obstacle (human body), they used it as a conduit to harvest and transmit power.” They further added that the current methods fail to deliver sustainable power to charge wearables on the human body. The new technology will, on the other hand, enable smartphone charging by phone.

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