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Jio Gaming Console Coming Soon?

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Reliance has been at the peak of innovation and has launched several new products in the last couple of months. During the JioFiber launch event, the company hinted at its first Jio gaming console. During the event, Reliance did not shy away from demonstrating the gaming capabilities of the Jio Set Top Box. 

The 4K Jio gaming console, if launched, will offer console level gaming built into its TV and media streaming device. The teaser that was showcased during the 42nd AGM of Reliance Industries also hinted that this console will be capable of running console standard games.

Jio Gaming Console 2

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The gaming console is said compatible with most popular gaming controllers in the market. The list of studios includes Microsoft Studios, Gameloft, Tencent, Riot Games and Milestone Games. It will also come with latest graphics card to support all the latest gaming titles. Given the list of developers working on games for the console, it seems that the Jio Set Top Box console will support mobile games only since all popular mobile games are available as ‘free-to-play’ titles and do not demand haughty resources to run. 

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Jio Gaming Console launching soon?

Jio Gaming Console

Reliance has already received BIS certification hinting that the telecom giant will launch its very first Jio gaming console soon. The company, however, has not divulged details regarding the availability of games. It has not clarified whether these games will be available from third-party retailers for the Set Top Box or one will have to stick to its app store. It is also not known whether someone can install games from other platforms and play on the Set Top Box console.

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Stay tuned to learn more about the specification, price and launch date of Jio gaming console. You can also sign in for our newsletter to receive latest company news in your mailbox.

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