How to Undo Sent Mail On Gmail

There are many of us who often send an e-mail with a typo or wrong content. However, this situation becomes extreme when you send an e-mail in a moment of anger and regret it later. Well, we can easily escape these types of situation by simply enabling undo send feature in Gmail. Many mail providers offer this facility to the users but Gmail uses it differently. Undo send feature of Gmail work in a different manner by waiting a few seconds after you have sent an e-mail. An option of undo sending is also available to the user of you want to cancel the sending. 

How to activate undo sending feature in Gmail But the users have to be quick in deciding whether they want to send the e-mail or not because Gmail only offers a few seconds delay with this feature after which the mail is sent automatically to the recipient. To enable this feature the users have to follow some simple steps:

  • First of all the users of Gmail have to click on the gear icon on the right side of the mail which will provide them access to the settings panel of Gmail.    
  • In setting panel, go to Undo send option and click on enable button
  • After this you can set the amount of time that you need to decide whether to send the e-mail or not
  • Finally, click on save changes option and this feature will be enabled on you Gmail account. 

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Telephone Number Now Become Mandatory For Yahoo, Gmail

googleWorld’s most popular free email providers Gmail and Yahoo have now made compulsory the mention of telephone number while creating new email addresses with theaim of checking spam email senders.

A spokesperson of Google India has claimed that the mention of phone number was optional until now but repeated attempts to create a new email ID on Gmail by skipping the mobile number requirement failed.

YahooThe Gmail website has been quoted saying that “In an effort to protect our users from abuse, we sometimes ask users to prove they’re not a robot before they’re able to create or sign in to accounts. Having this additional confirmation via phone is an effective way to keep spammers from abusing our systems.”

Meanwhile, Yahoo spokesperson said that “At Yahoo, we are committed to the security of our users. We ask our users to provide their mobile number at registration as a secondary means of authentication, in addition to their password. We would only use the number if we see any unusual activity on the account.”

Internet Service Providers Association of India has criticized the move by the companies and said that there is no regulatory requirement to mention the telephone number while creating an email address. The Association added that this move is likely to expose privacy of an individual.… Read the rest

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My Yahoo Account Is Hacked, What To Do?

The free email systems that we have come to be so reliant on seem to be facing some troubled waters. Last week, many Gmail account holders suffered because of the outage at Google. Yesterday, Yahoo mail was attacked yet again and many accounts compromised. This means our emails are not safe and it’s important we know when it has occurred. We also need to know what we need to do when something like this happens. Firstly, do not sit smug in the belief that our email accounts are safe. Despite the best efforts from companies like Yahoo and Google, accounts do get hacked! Here’s what to do next:

1. If you feel your account has been hacked, the first thing to do is to go through the information available on the official site of your email provider. That will give you instructions on what you have to do after your account has been compromised.

2. You also have the option of e-mailing your account provider who could help you restore your email account. Another essential step is to alert colleagues, friends and family that your account has been hacked and that they should not respond to calls or emails being made under your stolen identity.

3. Check the personal settings in your account as hijackers can create forwarding polices to the contacts that you have stored in your account. This could help them access all emails that you had got previously–including personal messages and bank statements.

4. Changing your user ID and password for all the accounts that you maintain on various sites is a precaution never too late to take.  … Read the rest

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Four Ways To Organize your Gmail Inbox

Almost everyone has a Gmail account, and as Google adds more and more services that require you to use your Gmail ID, its popularity is not going to diminish anytime soon. Another advantage of Gmail is the extensive amount of space it offers for each inbox, which lets us send out and receive as many heavy attachments as we wish, without ever worrying about running out of space. But sometimes, too much space can be an overwhelming thing. Here are a few ways to effectively manage your Gmail inbox and not let your mails become hard to find:

Use the message thread feature: It basically helps save all e-mails exchanged with your contacts with the same subject line within a single thread of conversation. This way, all you need to do is look up the subject line of the mail and access all the multiple replies exchanged, instead of it appearing as multiple messages in your inbox. Whenever you think the thread is getting too long, all you need to do is to edit the subject line and you can create a brand new message thread too.

Labels: Now, this might get a little frustrating initially, but in the long run, you know it’s absolutely helpful. You can organize messages you receive from different contacts into different labels – customize the name of the label as well as the color, so that you can easily identify the messages from a particular sender by clicking on the label in the list under the inbox, rather than manually scanning through your entire inbox.

Archiving old mails: Archiving is an efficient way to keep your Gmail inbox clean and clutter-free. You can choose to archive whole message threads that you don’t consider important enough or mails that you know you won’t need to go back to anytime soon. Archiving mails essentially removes all labels marked to the mails and sends it out of your inbox. You can still search for it and retrieve it, should you require it, but it just won’t be in front of you, taking up unnecessary rows in your inbox.

Mark important mails: There are two ways of doing it – one is by clicking on the Star next to the mail’s subject line on the inbox screen, and the other is by clicking on the Important label next to the Star. Sometimes, Gmail figures out the ‘importance’ of the message for itself, depending on the sender, the subject line and the content. You can de-select the important label for messages that you don’t think need the label, and Gmail will automatically tweak the settings and keep it in mind for the future too.… Read the rest

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AOL is back in the E-mail Game with Alto

Most of us internet users may not have lived through the AOL era, back when it was considered one of the most ultimate things to ever happen on the internet. And then came along Yahoo!, Google, the cloud, and a host of other trends over the internet. But now, with its recently revamped e-mail service, Alto, AOL may finally be ready to hit back at its competitors with a real winner of a product.

Designed to make the e-mail experience far more manageable, Alto does something that Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud is unable to offer to its customers – a clean design that cleverly organizes your mails and separates the junk from the important stuff. The Alto HTML5 is essentially a web app, now in its beta phase and available only via invite, and it helps users organize their inboxes in an efficient manner, on the basis of importance of e-mails.

Using Alto, you can check all your e-mail from multiple accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud – all in a single web-based client. The right side of the page has “stacks” or dynamic folders into which you can organize your e-mails. You can even set automatic rules for some mails to skip the inbox and land up directly into the stacks. The best thing about the Alto interface is how it organizes your photos and other attachments into a neat, easy to view manner, so you never have to hunt through your hundreds of mails to look for a particular file.… Read the rest

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Now, Google Search Results even Reveal Gmail, Drive Content

They tried this out back in August on a limited audience, and now Google has rolled it out to a larger group as part of their expanded trial. The Google search bar can let users look up results not just off the internet, but also from their own Gmail inboxes and their Drive folders. While it’s still officially on a test phase, this move from Google shows how the search engine giant is headed towards providing an integrated search experience for its users, saving them precious time, and making it more convenient to look for something.

It lets users view the regular search results on left side of the results page, and view related results from within their own e-mails, files, documents, calendar events, etc. This move lets users utilize Google not just as the global search engine, but their own private mini search tool as well.

If you want to be a part of the trial, you can sign up at the field trial page and be a part of this experiment using your Gmail ID, and contribute to Google’s efforts of making search a much easier experience for users worldwide.… Read the rest

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A Look at What New Offers

1996 was the year Hotmail hit the spot among users, when Sabber Bhatia introduced users to the era of e-mails. Then as Gmail came into being, the game was completely changed. There were many users who thought Hotmail wasn’t that hot after all. And that the mail service never changed its interface as it didn’t evolve.

Microsoft, however, now wants to change this perception and is serious about giving users an enhanced mail experience that they hope will outdo Google’s Gmail. For this, Microsoft email is all set to replace Hotmail.

Clean and spacious, is sure to give users a fresh start. With a strikingly simple interface, email is functional and easy to use. is based on the tried and tested columns design of Outlook and, indeed, the Windows Live version of Hotmail. For those who have used Windows 8, it’s like the better version of Mail app. It is believed that in case the Mail app in the final version of Windows 8 works as good as, it will really be helpful.

With, Microsoft offers users a chance to plug everything and connect the services users use to Windows Live. Besides SkyDrive, this also looks like a key factor of Microsoft’s Windows 8-era online.

As for now, there is also a promised integration of Skype that doesn’t work as yet.

While users can plug in social networks as time goes on, currently this uses the same mechanism as Windows Live social accounts, and clicks through to old-school Windows Live.

With, users can open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in your inbox, which will change how people deal with their inbox.

It also has messenger integrated, and works the same way to the Messaging app in Windows 8. is basically what Hotmail was. Microsoft has offered features such as inbox tidier Sweep as new while they are actually old.

Microsoft plainly thinks that it can attract users from Gmail. The site even offers instructions on how users can port email from Google and how they can set up Outlook on various devices including the iPad.

Users can clearly select email address that will side-by-side work in addition to users’ existing Hotmail email.

With all points said, for those looking for new experience with webmail can opt for that makes a great choice. But the most plus point that users can obtain is getting the same username that they always wanted, only if they sign up soon!… Read the rest

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Now You Will See Gmail in Google Search Results

Trying to create a bridge between Google’s search results and popularly users Gmail, experts at Google are trying their hands on to provide quick personal responses to its users.

With stress on personal information, Google will now draw information from users’ Gmail accounts to put it on its main results page. This experimental feature will let Google search engine look for data that is stored in users’ Gmail for any information that corresponds with users’ search.

Google is a commanding leader in the Internet search and the company knows that this new feature can raise some privacy concern. Hence, this feature will initially be tested with just 1 million users who sign up at

A popular e-mail service, Gmail currently has more than 425 million users. With this latest feature, they can explore their personal e-mail accounts to find anything they need, such as an online order or flight tickets.

This latest and innovative feature will allow people, who are logged into their Gmail accounts to see a list of appropriate e-mails on Google’s main search results page if it connects with a keyword that they enter in search request.

Announced Wednesday, this feature marks Google’s latest effort to quickly bring in data that people seek.

Currently, the company generates most of its revenue from Google.

Google also announced another new tool called “voice-based search” that the company said would be available in its mobile apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The app was submitted to Apple last week.

At a press conference Wednesday, Google executives also showed a new “carousel” display feature that the company will launch on Thursday. This feature will let users scroll through as with an online photo gallery, flipping across to view those images related to search.… Read the rest

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Google Extends Hangouts to Gmail

Google is trying hard to attract people to start using Google+. This has been confirmed by the company’s latest move where it has decided to add Google+ Hangouts to Gmail. This decision clearly indicates Google’s efforts of bringing the two services together.

Hangouts is Google’s special service that allows users to indulge in group video chats, work together on documents, share screens, and transmit conversations to the Internet.

The special attraction of the new feature is that it will allow users to video chat not only with other Gmail users but also with the friends on Google+ and the Google+ iOS and Android apps.

In addition, Google has claimed that its new feature will give users better results as it is built on Google’s network. Previously Google had been using peer-to-peer technology to support video chat. It has been reported that the roll out for the feature has begun from today and will continue over the coming weeks.

In the past, it has been noticed that Google has been desperate to extend its Google+ features to as many services as it can. June witnessed Google introducing You Tube parties, a feature that allows Google+ users to watch YouTube videos together online.… Read the rest

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