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Know How to Enable and Use Package Tracking in Gmail App

Using a new Gmail user, you can save your time and effort dealing with tracking numbers, to track your package. You must be wondering, but How to Enable And Use Package Tracking in Gmail App. hang on, here is a simple guide that will remove all your doubts.

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How to enable and use package tracking in Gmail app

Everyone follows the standard process, in which an online order is placed. Users get a confirmation email, once your product ships, you get another email along with a tracking number from the shipping services. 

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This 2nd email is where that Gmail feature will come into play. Now a new package tracking feature will allow Google to automatically pick that tracking number, and bring those shipping details. You can locate a small card visible above the email, as there are privacy terms in Google so you will have to enable this card yourself. 

Follow further steps to know how to enable package tracking in Gmail app:

For Android users

  • Go to gmail on your device
  • Tap on the ‘Menu’ button visible at the top left side > now chose ‘Settings’
  • Choose that particular email, having tracking information > scroll General section
  • Now hit on ‘package tracking’ to turn it on

For iOS users

  • Open your gmail account > go to ‘Settings’
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Data privacy’
  • Locate package tracking and slide it on

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After you enable the package tracking 

You will observe a few UI changes all over your messages. Those changes are as follows:

  • There will a new status icon visible on each email, having tracking functionality
  • Just after enabling the tracking option, Gmail will take some time to process the updated information, so you might not see every detail immediately. After some time you will observe a green bit of text, from where you get all the details at one glance
  • Now on whenever you open an email having a tracking ID or a shipment in progress, you will see a linear bar, progressing at the top. That progress will show the progress of your shipment, how much time is left for delivery. You will even get notification for the delivery attempt but then something happens

Final words

Package tracking feature is still new on Gmail, users may notice some kinks here and there. Gmail has to be used to the new form of information related to tracking ID. But yeah, if you keep up with it, it’s not a useless feature, it can help you get your shipment information at a glance. So, now when you know  How to Enable And Use Package Tracking in Gmail App, then enjoy this new feature by Google.


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Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma
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