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How Gmail’s New AI Feature Will Write Emails for you

Writing emails can be a time-consuming task that often eats into our productivity. Crafting the perfect message, ensuring clarity, and maintaining a professional tone requires significant effort and attention to detail. It’s no wonder that many of us wish we could delegate this task to someone else. Let’s have a look how Gmail’s new AI feature will write emails for you.

Gmail has introduced an innovative solution to alleviate the burden of email writing. With their new AI email writing tool “Help Me Write”, Gmail is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to compose emails on your behalf. Also, with a staggering user base of 1.8 billion active Gmail users, the introduction of Help Me Write is set to create a significant paradigm shift in email communication. This groundbreaking feature promises to revolutionize the way we compose emails, not only within Gmail but also across other Google software. Discover the inner workings of Help Me Write and find out when this game-changing tool will become available for users to experience firsthand.

How Gmail's New AI Feature Will Write Emails for you 1

How Gmail’s New AI Feature will Work?

Expanding on the capabilities of the existing “Smart Compose” and “Smart Reply” features, Google has introduced the new Help Me Write feature for generative AI email creation within Gmail. While Smart Reply offers automated responses and Smart Compose provides suggestions as you type, Help Me Write takes it a step further by generating complete emails based on a basic prompt. With the help of a “refine” button, users can modify the length, level of detail, or formality of the email. The generated email can then be further edited manually or sent as is.

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During the demonstration at Google I/O, Google CEO Sundar Pichai showcased the power of Help Me Write by using it to draft an email requesting a full refund from an airline due to a canceled flight. By leveraging information extracted from the airline’s emailed offer of a voucher, Help Me Write created a comprehensive email from scratch. This example demonstrates how Gmail’s new AI feature will write emails for you to generate tailored emails based on specific contexts and prompts, making the email composition process quicker and more efficient.

Key Features and Customization Options of Gmail’s New AI Feature

  • Advanced Contextual Understanding: Gmail’s AI feature utilizes advanced algorithms to understand the context and purpose of the email, ensuring accurate and relevant content generation.
  • Natural Language Generation: The AI model is trained to generate email text that closely mimics human language, resulting in emails that sound authentic and personalized.
  • Prompt-Based Email Creation: Users can provide a basic prompt or outline for the email, and the AI feature will automatically generate a complete email based on that prompt.
  • Refinement Suggestions: The “refine” button allows users to modify and fine-tune the generated email, giving them control over the tone, length, and level of formality.
  • Time-Saving Efficiency: The AI feature significantly reduces the time required to compose emails, especially for repetitive or routine communication, enhancing productivity.

Customizing AI-Generated Emails

  • Editing and Manual Modifications: Users have the flexibility to manually edit and refine the AI-generated email after it is created. This allows for personalization and customization based on individual preferences.
  • Style Preferences: Gmail’s AI feature can be trained to adapt to specific writing styles, including formal or informal tones, based on user preferences and requirements.
  • Subject-Specific Customization: Users can provide additional context or specific instructions to the AI feature, enabling it to generate emails tailored to specific subject matters or recipients.

Gmail’s new AI feature: How to Use It?

Gmail’s Help Me Write feature is designed to make email composition easier and more efficient. Follow these steps to use the feature effectively:

Enable Help Me Write: Ensure that you have the latest version of Gmail installed. Go to your Gmail settings and locate the “Help Me Write” option. Enable the feature to access its functionalities.

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Access Help Me Write: When composing a new email, you’ll find the Help Me Write option in the toolbar. Click on it to activate the AI email composition feature.

Provide a Prompt: Help Me Write will prompt you to provide a basic outline or prompt for your email. This could be a brief description of the purpose or content of your message.

Generate an Email: After providing the prompt, the AI model will generate a complete email based on the context and information provided. The generated email will be displayed for your review and modification.

Send or Save as Draft: Once you’re satisfied with the AI-generated and customized email, you can choose to send it immediately or save it as a draft for later review.

When will Gmail’s new AI feature be Available to Users?

Since March, Google has been conducting testing of the Help Me Write feature among users of Google Docs and Gmail. Furthermore, a selected group of Google testers will begin utilizing AI helpers for Google Sheets and Google Slides starting in June. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has announced that Help Me Write will be officially launched to all Google users through an update to Google Workspace. However, a specific timeline for the official release has not been provided yet.

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