Net Neutrality: Facebook’s Internet.Org Expands In India

We can always bank on Facebook to work a miracle even while TRAI is trying to pack up net neutrality for once and all. Facebook has launched a platform, on Monday. This offers ground for developers to allow net access in growing niches and low income sectors in India.

Net Neutrality: Facebook's Internet.Org Expands In IndiaCurrently, developers are trying to gauge the regulations applicable for joining the same besides also understanding the kind of content considered apt for being featured here. The platform had earlier been launched in February this year in alliance with Reliance Communications. However, a large number of content creators and e-comm portals pulled out citing plausible violations of principle for net neutrality back then. The service is currently available in eight different countries besides India and is eyeing to bring in more than 8 million people online.

With the issues related to net neutrality taking on more severity in India, Chris Daniels, VP for product at has expressed their involvement in understanding the main concerns involved. India ranks third in the list of highest internet surfer/users globally. This, Daniels opines that net neutrality does not negate the need to bring more people online. We believe is one app that will bridge these gaps soon.

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Turkey Lifts Ban On Twitter, Facebook And YouTube

Amid a global furor that exploded after Turkey blocked YouTube and Twitter access in the country yesterday after the order of an Istanbul court, the ban stands lifted now. The country has lifted the ban after these channels and websites removed ‘objectionable content’.Instagram overtakes Twitter in terms of user base and popularity too!

The step was taken after social media channels, which includes Facebook and about 166 other websites, published pictures of a prosecutor held at gunpoint as a hostage to a terrorist far-left group. The prosecutor had been slain and later the extremist group responsible for this was killed by Special Forces.

This is not the first time that the country has resorted to blocking or banning social media and internet channels. Even last year, this had been the case until a legal academician from Turkey, named Yaman Akdeniz appealed and got the ban recalled. Today, he believes that the blockade has been a careful and “disproportionate exercise” in a run-up to the upcoming elections in June.

However, government insiders opine that social and traditional media need to take up responsibility of their actions and must remain within social boundaries. Only when they fail to do so, such blockades and bans are imposed. The issue had become severe enough for Turkish authorities to warn that they would impose a ban on Google.… Read the rest

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Facebook Not to Use Bing Web Search Results

Facebook will not be using results from search engine Bing on its social networking platform. Instead, Facebook has reworked on its search offering and has come up with a tool that will allow the users to find past comments and other information they seek.

bing web search resultsMicrosoft has, however, not reacted to this upcoming development. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had hinted that search was his company’s key growth initiative and over 1 billion search queries originated on the social media network each day.

However, Facebook is taking every precaution in dealing with this sensitive issue. A spokesperson for Facebook has pointed that despite the company shrugging off Microsoft, relations between both companies are strong as they have partnerships in many other areas.

It is noteworthy that Bing is the second largest web search provider in United States and occupies up to 20 percent of the market share. Microsoft and Facebook have been together since 2007 when the former made an initial investment of $240 million in the social media network for a 1.6% stake in the company.

Microsoft had then provided banner advertisements on Facebook. However, this association lasted till 2010 when Facebook decided to take matters in its own hands and took control over the advertising business.

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Infosys To Evaluate Employees To Stay Valued Employer

Staff appraisal practice is soon to begin in Infosys. The company is likely to follow the trend set by Google and Facebook and will start evaluating its employees by October next, in order to select the best of the lot.

After Google and Facebook, it’s time for Infosys employees to be evaluated
Wikipedia Commons

Infosys, if able to do the process correctly will be able to retain the tag of preferred employer in India. In order to evaluate its 160,000 strong workforce, Infosys is likely to take assistance from its 900 clients in form of their feedback.

Individual performance will also be judged on basis of ratings given by team members and other subordinates in the team. Google and Facebook have been using this tactic of employee evaluation since long and though details are always kept secret, yet some information does come in the public preview.

The urge to control the attrition rate might be one of the reasons that Infosys is resorting to such practices. In the second quarter that ended in September, Infosys showed an attrition rate of 20 percent while its rival Wipro had an attrition rate close to around 17 percent.

By implementing these practices of employee evaluation, Infosys desires to bring down the attrition rate to around 13-15%.… Read the rest

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Facebook Messenger Hits Over 500 Million Downloads

According to a report by Google Play Store, the new Facebook Messenger app has been Facebook Messenger Hits Over 500 Million Downloads	downloaded more than 500 million times by the users of the Android-based devices, despite the app was initially criticized by the people.

The app initially faced a lot of criticism and it even received poor reviews from the users. The majority of people condemned the popular social networking site to force people to download a separate app in order to view their messages. There were also some users who showed concerns regarding the privacy implications of the app.

Facebook was quoted saying in reply to the queries that “Our goal is to focus development efforts on making messenger the best mobile messaging experience possible and avoid the confusion of having separate Facebook mobile messaging experiences.”

The company said that it will take out messages from the main Facebook app, claiming that the new messenger will be much faster and reliable when it comes to messanging.

Google also mentioned that no app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times so far.… Read the rest

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Instagram Likely To Be Working On New Photo Messaging App

Facebook-owned Instagram is likely to be working towards developing a new photo messaging app in order to compete with popular rivals like Snapchat.

Instagram Likely To Be Working On New Photo Messaging App
Creative Commans/Facebook

The Verge has said in a report that Instagram is likely to have mistakenly leaked the existence of a new Snapchat competitor dubbed as Bolt, which appeared on a new banner ad inside the current Instagram for Android app.

Twitter user Richard Groves snapped a screenshot reading “Introducing Bolt,” promising “one tap photo messaging” and offering a link to download the free app via the Google Play Store.

The link was taking the users nowhere and the banner ad vanished 15 minutes later. But by that time several late night users spotted the same message lurking in their own Instagram installations.

However, a report by TechCrunch has suggested that the app could be a fictional title instead. Sarah Perez has been quoted saying that “It’s worth pointing out that there’s nothing in this leak that specifically confirms that Bolt is a forthcoming Instagram-owned property”, hypothesizing “Bolt” could simply be a placeholder for parent company Facebook’s lucrative mobile app install ads.

However, there has been no clarity yet by the officials of Instagram on the issue.… Read the rest

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Facebook Privacy revised: Default audience now “Friends”, new privacy checkup tool en route

User privacy is of prime concern on social media and Facebook has perhaps realized this. It is now taking steps to protect its user’s privacy. Over sharing might not be available for new users in future as Facebook is intending to set default audience to “Friends” in place of “Public” as it is now.Facebook reaches 1 billion users mark

At times, it happens that a person wants to share any update with those in their friend list but the update gets listed as public and is visible to everyone. This is the lacuna with which Facebook wants to deal and offer more privacy to its new users.

This move has been initiated by Facebook based on user’s feedback, where many of them expressed their anguish and concerns on their posts becoming public, even when it was intended for friends.

For those who wish to share their updates publicly, this move on part of Facebook will have no effect. However, those wanting to have a cautious approach will be able to keep a tab on the way they want the updates to be showcased.

This is the only change which Facebook has brought in its platform. All other features remain the same and Facebook hopes to makes the website more user friendly and safer for the users.


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Hurt By Facebook? Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales Beg To Differ

The big news today is that Oculus Rift Dev Kit are seeing records sales post acquisition by Facebook. Insider sources reveal that pre orders on the second version of the kit have seen numbers close to 25,000.facebook-logo1

In fact, the sales for DK2 are way ahead of what was seen in its predecessor model.

However, the bottom line remains that Facebook has not just tagged its name to Oculus but also added spunk to the reputation of Rift and Oculus.

Many Kickstarter supporters who dished out close to 2 1/2 million dollars, are now fuming and demanding the funds back. Many developers are not over the moon about the deal with Facebook.

Markus Persson, from Minecraft, is not optimistic on the VR version to Rift.

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Facebook Turning Out To Be A New Yahoo, Halted Its Beautiful Redesign

Why does Facebook Want to Buy Oculus Rift is now a Zillion $ Question for its Users


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Facebook Turning Out To Be A New Yahoo, Halted Its Beautiful Redesign

The world’s most popular social media site Facebook has stopped the release of its new and beautiful redesign. This comes as the company accepts that the redesign looks awesome on new computers having big and sharp screens, but the new upgrade is difficult to use on older computers featuring small and crappy screens. The majority of Facebook’s users are still having the small and crappy screens.facebook-logo1

Silicon Valley industry insiders are currently talking that Facebook is becoming the new Yahoo. Facebook has decided to scrap its photo-rich redesign and release a design that may look similar to its 2009 design but works really great for majority of its users.

If Facebook fails to innovate on design as a result of its large install base, then the company is really becoming the next Yahoo.

Yahoo has operated with a classic innovator’s dilemma almost since its start. It was unable to trial really radical things with as it had become a huge business as a result of its hundreds of millions of mainstream users.

This resulted in making Yahoo vulnerable to smaller companies, including Google and Facebook, which are free to do radical things as they were not yet dependent on an existing business.  Gradually those smaller companies became much bigger companies that took away the revenues of Yahoo.

Presently, Facebook is witnessing the same issue. But the breather for its shareholders is that the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is fully aware of the situation that his company is at the same stage as Yahoo was few years ago and is doing something about it.


















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