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How To Remove Myself As Admin On Facebook Page

You enthusiastically volunteered or were assigned to be the admin of a Facebook page, perhaps for a community event, a college group, or a business campaign. Time flies, and now you find yourself no longer involved, yet still tethered to endless notifications and responsibilities of that page. It’s like having a digital ghost from the past haunting your present. But what if you could set yourself free? 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps on how to remove myself as admin on a Facebook page. Whether you’re looking to declutter your digital space, reduce unnecessary distractions, or simply move on from a chapter of your life, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started!

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How To Remove Myself As Admin On Facebook Page?

You can remove yourself as the admin of a Facebook Page with these simple steps: 

1. Access Your Facebook Account

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First, ensure you’re logged into your Facebook account. If not, sign in.

2. Locate the ‘9 dots’ Icon

At the top of your Facebook homepage, you’ll notice an icon with ‘9 dots’. Click on it.

3. Navigate to ‘Pages’

A menu will drop down. Scroll through it until you find the ‘Pages’ option and select it.

4. Select the Relevant Page

Under the section labeled ‘Pages and profiles’, pick the specific page you want to remove yourself from.

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5. Dive into ‘Settings’

You’ll find a ‘Settings’ option, usually located under the ‘Manage Page’ section. Click on it.

6. Go to ‘Page Roles’

Inside ‘Settings’, there’s an option called ‘Page Roles’. That’s your next click.

7. Find Your Name

Scroll until you see a section titled ‘Existing Page Roles’. Your name should be listed there. Next to your name, there’s an ‘Edit’ option. Click on it.

8. Opt for ‘Remove’

After selecting ‘Edit’, you’ll see an option to ‘Remove’ yourself as an admin. Go ahead and click on ‘Remove’.

9. Confirm Your Decision

A prompt will ask you to confirm if you really want to be removed. Confirm it.

10. Security Check

For safety reasons, you’ll be asked to input your password again. Do so and then press ‘submit’.

11. Double-Check Your Removal

To be sure you’ve been removed, the page shouldn’t appear under the ‘Pages and profiles’ section anymore. If it’s gone, you’ve successfully removed yourself as an admin.

This guide provides simplified steps on how to remove myself as admin on facebook page, ensuring you can easily step back from any Facebook page admin role you no longer wish to hold.

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Can you be removed as admin on Facebook?

Yes, if there are multiple admins for a Facebook page, any one of them can remove another. It’s essential to ensure trust among co-admins.

Do people get notified when removed as admin?

Yes, individuals will receive a notification when they are removed from their admin role on a Facebook page. It’s Facebook’s way of keeping users informed about changes to their account privileges.

What happens if I remove myself as admin?

If you choose to remove yourself as an admin from a Facebook page, you’ll lose all administrative rights and privileges for that page. You won’t be able to make changes, post, or manage the page unless you’re re-added as an admin.

What happens if you delete admin?

When an admin is deleted or removed from a Facebook page, they lose all access and control over that page. If you’re the only admin, ensure you assign another person as an admin before removing yourself to prevent potential access issues.

How do I leave a group admin on Facebook?

To leave a group admin role on Facebook, go to the group settings, find your name under the ‘Admin’ section, and choose the option to leave or remove yourself. Ensure there’s another admin in place if you’re the only one.

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