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Facebook reels comments not showing – here is how to fix this issue

We’ve all been there: eagerly posting a new reel on Facebook, waiting for the reactions and comments to pour in, only to find… silence. It’s not that your content isn’t engaging; it’s a technical glitch that many users are facing. 

The frustration of not being able to see comments on your reels can be disheartening, especially when you know your content is sparking conversations. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. 

Many users have reported the “Facebook reels comments not showing” issue, therefore in this guide we’ve mentioned a step-by-step guide to restore your Facebook reels experience.

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Let’s get started! 

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How to Fix Facebook Reels comments not showing?

Facebook reels comments not showing – here is how to fix this issue. Follow this step-by-step guide to get those comments back in view:

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1. Check Your Internet Speed

A sluggish internet connection might prevent the comments section from loading. Ensure you have a strong connection. If you see an error related to connection issues, this might be the cause.

Facebook reels comments not showing 2

2. Clear out the Cache

For Browsers: Cached data might hinder the loading of the comments section. Clear your browser’s cache and refresh the page. For the Facebook App: Clear the app’s cache for a smoother experience.

3. Browser Extensions Might Be the Culprit

Some extensions can interfere with how a web page loads. If you’re accessing Facebook via a browser, try disabling extensions to see if that helps. Remember, sometimes the simplest solutions, like disabling a pesky extension, can make everything work again.

4. Update the Facebook App

Outdated apps can have glitches. Ensure your Facebook app is up-to-date by checking your app store. If there’s an update available, install it. Sometimes, only the developers can fix certain issues, so keeping your app updated is crucial.

5. Reel’s Privacy Settings

The creator of the reel might have turned off comments or set age restrictions. If comments are disabled, you’ll see a notification. Age restrictions might also prevent you from viewing comments if you don’t meet the criteria.

6. Blocked by the Reel Creator

If someone doesn’t want you to see their content, they might have blocked you. In such cases, you won’t see comments on their reels. A workaround? Use a different Facebook account. However, always respect privacy boundaries.

Facebook reels comments not showing 1

7. Browser Extensions

Using Facebook on a browser? Extensions or ad-blockers might be blocking the comments. Try disabling them temporarily.

8. Reach Out to Facebook support 

If all else fails, it’s time to contact the experts. Get in touch with Facebook support and provide them with all the necessary details.


We have come to an end of our blog on Facebook reels comments not showing – here is how to fix this issue. We hope you have learned how to resolve this issue efficiently to stay atop the latest tech trends stay tuned to TechThirsty! 

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FAQs: Facebook Reels comments not showing

How Do I Enable Comments on FB Reels?

To enable comments on your Facebook Reels, navigate to the settings of the specific reel. Under the ‘Privacy and Tools’ section, ensure the ‘Allow Comments’ option is turned on. This simple step ensures that your audience can interact with your content, boosting engagement.

Are Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels the Same?

While both Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels are short-form video features introduced by the same parent company, Meta, they cater to different platforms. Instagram Reels is tailored for the Instagram audience, while Facebook Reels is designed for Facebook users. Though they share similarities in functionality, the audience, reach, and platform-specific features might differ.

Can I See Who Viewed My Reels?

As of now, both Facebook and Instagram provide insights into the number of views a reel has received, but they don’t specifically show the names of individual viewers. However, you can see who liked or commented on your reel, giving you an idea of audience engagement.

Can Restricted Accounts Comment on Facebook Reels?

If an account is restricted or has received certain penalties, it might face limitations in activities, including commenting on reels. Always ensure you’re adhering to Facebook’s community guidelines to avoid such restrictions.

Why Do Some Comments on My Facebook Reels Get Hidden Automatically?

Facebook has algorithms and filters in place to detect spam or inappropriate content. If a comment is flagged by these systems, it might get hidden automatically. Regularly reviewing and moderating comments can help in maintaining a positive comment environment.

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