5 Must-have Smartphone Apps To Upgrade Your Lifestyle

What if you can use an app to increase your knowledge and productivity? Many people already are using some most popular apps to stay up to date with the world around them or to make most out of their limited spare time during a day. We all carry smartphones today … Read the rest

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Your Deleted WhatsApp Messages Can Still Be Read

WhatsApp recently introduced a new delete feature ‘Delete for Everyone’ whereby users can delete their WhatsApp messages for all the recipients. To everyone’s disappointment, the new feature doesn’t work full to its potential. The Spanish Android blog, Android Jefe has discovered that one can still read deleted messages on Android
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Top 10 Android and iPhone Apps for 2012

We love our smartphones, whether they’re Android-based, iPhones, or Windows phones. But what would these OS’s be, if not for their app stores? An OS is only as good as the variety of apps it offers to make our lives simpler. And while Windows Phones may not yet have caught … Read the rest

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