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Top 7 Best Apps to Earn Money in India

You may be a nongraduate, a homemaker or somehow limited to your home but still want to earn money. And the good news is there are abundant ways to earn money online. And among all those difficult or confusing methods, here is a list of the Top 7 Best Apps to Earn Money in India. You can follow the instructions mentioned in the article and use the app in your free time to earn money online.

A list of the top 7 best apps to earn money in India

Among all of the 7 apps users can find the perfect app for them based on their skills and what they enjoy doing. That’s how earning money will become fun for you. Here is a list of the Top 7 Best Apps to Earn Money in India. 

Google Opinion Rewards

If you think you are good at reasoning and opinions then this app is for you. This is a reward-based execution created by Google. All you need to do is complete surveys and earn money. The money the user earns goes to their wallet. That’s how you can use your free time and earn money at the same time.

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Dream 11

This one is a sports app for those who are good at fantasy and can play in real. There are several team sports such as hockey, cricket, kabaddi, football, and basketball. The user creates their fantasy team. They compete in the Dream 11 cricket game and whoever wins earns rewards.

All points are computed once the game is over. You can even compare the performance of different players in the match. At the end whoever wins, gets the winning amount deposited to their bank account.

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Here is the chance exclusively for housewives. As a housewife, you may be good at identifying nice products and sharing among others who would rely on your reference. That’s how this app works. The user chooses the product, shares and promotes it on social media, and gets the rewards for their selling. The amount of profit you make gets deposited into your account.


For those who wish to earn from meaningful work like online tutoring. For this reason, it is India’s best money-earning app. Choose your class timing and students, teach them, and earn from 250 to 1000 rupees/hr of tutoring. Its meaningful offerings make it one of the Top 7 Best Apps to Earn Money in India.


If you are someone who understands the taste of websites and the tech thing then, this one’s for you. For this reason, UserFeel is a platform for all those websites that want feedback on their user interface. That’s how you also can earn up to $10 for every site. You will receive payment through PayPal.


This one is the most common and popular among all other money-earning apps on the list. Most of us are already aware of the reward coupons we get after making some payments. So anyone can earn rewards including money sometimes while transferring money online. 

U Speak We pay

Good news for language enthusiasts. This app asks users to choose any of the Indian languages. Users have to speak the text written on the screen. That’s it, afterwards, you will receive money in your bank account.

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Different ways in which money-earning apps offer money

If users are aware of all the different mechanisms these apps use to offer money in exchange for some service, then they can make the most of the above-mentioned Top 7 Best Apps to Earn Money in India. They are as follows:

  • Some of the apps, mostly shopping apps offer money in exchange for their referral and selling of their products
  • Sometimes there are cashback schemes used by money-transferring apps from there also you can earn lots of profit
  • Some apps use affiliate tie-up method in which they offer you rewards for frequent use of the app
  • Above mentioned Top 7 Best Apps to Earn Money in India enables the user to earn money and receive the amount in their bank account most of the time or gift cards or into your online wallet

Process of using money-earning apps

As usual, users can download and install the above-mentioned apps on their android or iOS. Register or login into the app and further enter all the details they ask for. They will ask for your bank details also, so that money can be transferred to your bank account later.

For easy login and updates, you can connect the app to your google account also. Before you start giving your service, make sure you update your profile completely, so that there is no difficulty while receiving money.


All of the Top 7 Best Apps to Earn Money in India can help you earn money from your home. You can use these apps to either earn side money or the only income from your home. Good thing is that users can use their free time to earn money. That’s the best part for those who cannot join an office or are busy taking care of their home.

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