Smaller Cousin of Vivo V7 Plus, Vivo V7 Set To Launch in India Today

Just as buzz about the Vivo V7 Plus picks up in India, the company is geared up to launch the Vivo V7 in Gurugram today. Already launched in Indonesia in the early part of November, the Vivo V7 is expected to be a smaller cousin of the Vivo V7 Plus.
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Is the 280 Character Count a Sign of Twitter’s Nervousness?


Silicon-valley giant Twitter has never turned a profit in the 11 years of its consequential existence. The real hit seemed to be when the company reported a further 8% decline in its first-quarter revenue to $548m in July this year. Advertisers of Twitter saw waning value in the social … Read the rest

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Protect your child in the era of Blue Whale

The answer to this big question on our minds can be simple if we want it to be. As a mother of two boys still in their pre-teen years, it is a big concern shifting my heart every day, with everything that they do.It is estimated that so far the … Read the rest

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