Get The iPhone 4S and 5 at Amazingly Cheap Prices –The Best iPhone Cheap Deals

The iPhone 5 is the best selling iPhone ever. And it is getting better because it is getting cheaper! As Apple gets ready to release its latest versions of the iPhone, the iPhone 5S and the maybe even the rumoured iPhone 5C next month, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 are now available at unbelievable prices.

The iPhone 5 is the best selling iPhone ever. And it is getting better because it is getting cheaper! As Apple gets ready to release its latest versions of the iPhone, the iPhone 5S and the maybe even the rumoured iPhone 5C next month, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 are now available at unbelievable prices.

Walmart offers one of the best iPhone deals that I have ever seen – the iPhone 4S at 39$ and the iPhone 5 at 129$! The only rider is that one must be eligible for an upgrade with their mobile carrier and on a two year contract. Amazingly, these deals are on permanently – or rather till Walmart comes up with a cheaper offer! If a person has an iPhone 4S in working condition they can also avail BestBuy’s amazing exchange offer. The iPhone 4S can be traded in for the iPhone 5 for free rather than the previous 200$.

As the time nears for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the iPhone 6 to launch the older iPhones will continue to get cheaper. Just remember that this works both ways, so while holding out for a better deal on an iPhone 5 makes sense, old iPhones will be worth less at re-sale.… Read the rest

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HTC One Strikes Out With All-metal Casing, Will Apple Game Up Its iPhone 5’s Design?

HTC has scored high with the stylish all-aluminum design and features of its flagship the One smartphone, giving iPhone 5 a reason to smart up its game.

Quite a hit among consumers, the HTC One has become a critical competitor in the market shelves for firms such as Apple and Samsung.

Apple’s iPhone 5 uses same aluminum body with glass top and bottom row at the back that helps the antenna inside to broadcast and receive signals. However, the HTC One, on the other hand offers a more seamless design with an antenna built inside the metal back of the phone.

With a perfect design and finish, the One was also hit with certain complaints of being a fragile device. However, the smartphone became a breakthrough device and got the Taiwanese firm good fortunes. HTC made the One smartphone with high quality material and a unique design that surely gives Apple a reason to look for some serious competition.… Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 928’s vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5: The Freshest Nokia Dish has a Delicious Camera

Just a few more days until Nokia finally unveils its brand new flagship, but we’ve already started speculating if it’s worth checking out. Today, we decided to pit its camera against two of the better smartphone cameras out in the market already – that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and of the Apple iPhone 5? Will the Lumia 928’s camera be a charmer?

On paper, based on what we’ve heard so far, the Lumia 928 sure looks quite well equipped in the camera department. There’s a new video out on YouTube called “The Hurricane” which provides a comparison among the 3 phones’ cameras. Shot on a roller coaster track, it shows sharper and more colorful images being clicked by the new Nokia flagship, thanks to Nokia’s amazing optical stabilization and low-light image capture features.

The Lumia 928 is expected to have an 8.7 MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Nokia’s famous PureView technology. Of course, it’s strange that the video picked the Galaxy S3 to compare with the Lumia 928, instead of the newer Galaxy S4 with its 13 MP camera.

But given Nokia’s past history of uploading fake videos to promote its handsets, we doubt the veracity of “The Hurricane” video’s claims. Why don’t we just wait a little while longer to verify the tall claims for ourselves?… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone: Which of them is more Rugged?

Now, unlike the Sony Xperia Z, neither the Galaxy S4 nor the iPhone has claimed to be really rugged. Nevertheless, users can get clumsy with even their high-end smartphones. So we decided to test these two phones to see how well they performed after being dropped down ‘accidentally’.

Both the smartphones were dropped from a chest height and from a pocket height, and the good news is that they both did well. So if you own an iPhone 5 or are considering buying a Galaxy S4, you can be a little relieved. However, when dropped from a height of 7 feet, while the iPhone 5 escaped with just a few minor scratches to its body, the Galaxy S4 ended up with a cracked screen.

Between the two phones, the Galaxy S4 clearly seems to be the weaker, even though it did fare better than its predecessor, the Galaxy S3. The testers made sure that they didn’t put any screen guards on the phones’ displays, nor was there any additional covering or casing on the bodies.… Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Samsung Galaxy Vs Apple iPhone 5—Nokia Airs A Jibe At The Giants

Going by the latest ad campaign for the Nokia Lumia 920 that runs on Windows 8, we do feel Nokia is planning to hit the Samsung Galaxy lineup and iPhone 5 in their gut but is one advert enough? Nokia is working hard indeed – trying to hit a six that has been eluding it with the likes of Samsung and Apple in control of the smartphone pitch.


The Nokia Lumia seems like a game changer for the Finnish-player yet there is a lot more it has to do to make a mark.


The campaign on air tickles our funny bone but the message it leaves behind is the furor over two groups (the bride and groom’s camps here) fighting over the superiority of the Samsung Galaxy series or the Apple iPhone 5. All that the Lumia 920 users do is snap away and enjoy the bedlam!


How Nokia believes the advert to drive their message clearly is something out of my understanding. Will users indeed understand the concept of Lumia’s PureView lens being hundred notches up Samsung and Apple lenses?  Ask me and I am confused. It is time that Nokia’s campaigns highlighted what the Lumia can really do—in a way that its competitors cannot!… Read the rest

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If You’re Accident-Prone, Samsung Galaxy S4 Is A Better Pick Than Apple iPhone 5 And HTC One

Of all the tests and comparisons you could imagine, here’s one we think is rather important. A team of iFixit decided to dismantle the Samsung flagship to check how easy it was to put it all back together. And the good news is that it’s a lot easier than its main competitors like the HTC One and the Apple iPhone 5.

On a scale of 1 to 10, iFixit scored the Galaxy S4 8, which is the same score that the Galaxy S3 also received. In comparison, the iPhone 5 scored 7 while the HTC One turned out to be one of the toughest phones to put back together, scoring just 1.

The back of the Galaxy S4 easily snaps open without the use of any tools, and the same goes for its battery too. iFixit also likes the Galaxy S4 for using modular components than can be individually replaced, just 11 screws holding the device together. However, the glass is fused into the front panel, which makes it hard to reach without removing everything from the back.

iFixit’s analysis of the Galaxy S4 has revealed a lot of other interesting tidbits about the phone – how its Smart Pause can be duped using images, how its speaker located in the rear of the handset was the best position for the speaker, how Air View and Air Gesture work due to the IR sensors placed on either side of the earpiece of the phone, and how these sensors can track your hand gesture moving sideways even without touching the screen.… Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Z10: In Terms of Viewing Pleasure

Yesterday, we wrote a feature comparing the interfaces of the iPhone 5 with the BlackBerry Z10. Today, we’re bringing you an in-depth comparison of the displays of these two popular smartphones. If viewing convenience is one of your most important criteria in deciding which gadget to pick, read on to see which of them is better.

Apple iPhone 5: The iPhone 5 has a slightly smaller 4-inch screen in comparison with the 4.2-inch offering of the Z10. Apple’s Retina Display technology gives the iPhone 5 a gorgeous resolution of 1136X640 pixels, which works to a ppi count of 326. It’s bright, colors are displayed quite well, and looks good overall.

BlackBerry Z10: The Z10’s 4.2-inch screen pips iPhone 5 not just in terms of screen size, but also when it comes to resolution. BlackBerry has put in a screen with a resolution of 1280X768 pixels, which is 356 pixels per inch. It’s sharp, it’s bright, and leaves us quite impressed.

In terms of screen brightness, the Z10 wins over the iPhone 5 – colors look more alive on the former when you keep the phones next to each other. Even the Z10’s color reproduction is more accurate. But when it comes to reading text or viewing videos, the performance of both these phones is pretty much tied. Of course, the extra 0.2-inches of the Z10 do make the phone’s screen a tad more comfortable.

 … Read the rest

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BlackBerry Z10 vs. Apple iPhone 5: The Battle of Interfaces Gets Bitter

Given how BlackBerry was said to be losing its enterprise consumers to Apple, the comparison between the new BlackBerry Z10 and the Apple iPhone 5 was but inevitable. So when we got our hands on these devices, we couldn’t help pit them against each other and find the one we liked.

BlackBerry Z10: To start with, let’s just tell you how impressed we were with the BlackBerry 10 OS. It’s been revamped, is anything but boring anymore, and quite comparable with the likes of iOS and Android. It’s quite intuitive, lets us use a lot more gestures to navigate through the phone, especially like the swiping action that lets users power the phone on, and a couple of swipes to get to the BlackBerry Hub. It’s undoubtedly engaging – a major coup for the company.

And then there’s the multitasking abilities, which reminded us of the Windows Phone’s Live Tiles. Keep your apps running in the background in the form of miniature tiles and they’ll constantly keep getting updated. We also liked the pull-down menu that provided shortcuts to the phone’s settings, and helped us turn on WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. But the best part about the Z10 has to be the keyboard, which is fast, extremely intuitive, and easy to use once we got the hang of it. We especially loved the word flicking feature.

Apple iPhone 5: Apple ended up receiving quite a bit of flak for the iPhone 5 and it hasn’t really been doing too well in the market, unlike its predecessors. In addition to its limited screen size, we think the interface has a really important role to play here.

Let’s face it – there’s nothing drastically different in the iOS interface since the time of the first iPhone. And even Apple loyalists can’t be blamed for getting bored! Sure it’s smooth and has the most number of apps, but we would’ve loved to see the world’s most innovative company bring out something more fascinating in the iPhone 5. Maybe the iOS 7 can turn things around for Apple, but until then, you’re probably better off compromising a little on the specs and sticking with your iPhone 4 or 4S instead.… Read the rest

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Diamond Dazzle Outshines Apple’s Sheen On A Super-Sexy iPhone 5—Have $15.3 Million Bucks? Shell It Out For The Hughes Edition

Looking to connect tech with fashion? Read on to know how—Apple’s iPhone 5 has turned sexier, glam and more gorgeous than you ever imagined. All thanks to Stuart Hughes who spunked up the iPhone on special request from a Chinese user who thought aluminum was passé for his iPhone.

Tiny diamonds dazzles with their sheen while glazy gold adds character t the iPhone 5 –such that the makers may even forget it as theirs!

Hughes added glamour to the iPhone 5 with 600 diamonds and 135 grams of pure gold. If you are wondering what happened to the original iPhone glass, then the Sapphire glass bespeaks an answer. The topping on the cake comes with a black diamond worth a whopping $14.5 million. The black darling substitutes the Home button.

Not long ago the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod were staple buys of the classy and the suave with piggy banks as fat as a life size pig. However, the US-based giants decided upon taking class to the masses to with their iPhone and the iPad of the later days. And toady—we stand in an era wherein promises of an economical iPhone avatar is doing the rounds. Many had turned their nose against the iPhone turning way-too-affordable; perhaps Apple might soon wake up to such reactions and do something about it.

Hear what Hughes says, “This beautiful handset took 9 weeks of detailed intricate work to re-create the original chasis of the iPhone 5 in solid gold all of which was started and finished by hand, including a flawless black single deep cut diamond weighing in at 26 cts, most unique to replace the home button. Also the chasis was inlaid with a circa of 600 white flawless diamonds with full gold dressing for the rear section with the logo in solid gold with 53 flawless diamonds. This masterpiece boasts a massive circa of 135 grams of 24ct gold and of course sapphire glass set in the screen.”

Want a diamond dazzle on your iPhone 5? Get in touch with Hughes making sure that some $15.3 million bucks lie in your pocket.

 … Read the rest

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Google Nexus 5 Might Put Apple iPhone 6 To Sleep Even Before It Emerges To Life

Artists conceptualize images even before the canvas arrives. Same for smartphone enthusiasts. When the spaces and allied renditions are ready, why not take a shot at fixing the popularity counters for both of these. The race for glory begins!

The Apple iPhone 6 is probably set to be Apple’s first foray into the phablet arena and the iPhone 6 seems akin to a gladiator in its avatar. Given that its predecessors were not as good as we anticipated, this time the makers will tighten its belt well. With Apple promising to sow seeds that could lead to a juicier iPhone, let us wait and watch.

The Nexus in its LG avatar was worth a date or tow but this has only catalyzed our appetite to see more of romance with the Google Nexus 5. With a better camera as compared to any of the Nexus elder siblings, this Android-backed device could steal the show on arrival.  With a tradition of its big brother beating the iPhone 5 to bite dust, the Nexus might be the next big thing.… Read the rest

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