E-Commerce Industry Plans Big For Diwali

"Application for online shoppers" by DressformerWith the festive season round the corner, e-commerce giants have set out to offer a plethora of deals on an array of products. Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon have already launched their plans in one way or another.

The steepest discounts are being offered on furniture and fashion. Snapdeal offered the preview of its Diwali sale on Monday. It is the first e-commerce portal to tease a Diwali sale. Analysts suggest that most e-commerce websites are expecting a huge turnover from their sales this Diwali.

According to Financial Times, almost all the products will be on sale. It is predicted that  anything from 50% to 100% of the inventory will be available at a discount. The festive season is considered a profitable time for e-commerce portals. Snapdeal seems to be at the edge this season as it was the first one to announce the sale.

We asked a slew of people what they will buy this festive season and most of them are focusing on apparel and footwear. There are also group of people who wait all year around to buy furniture in the festive season. Pepperfry and FabFurnish have already started offering discounts and they have been asking customers not to wait for the Diwali sale. Instead, they can start shopping now to enjoy good deals.

It is expected that Amazon will have major discounts on gadgets. “I am really looking forward to buy a nice laptop this Diwali and hoping to buy to good discount,” says Manish Chahal.

“Clothes, Clothes and Clothes… Can’t wait for the Diwali Sale. Jabong and Myntra are my go to destinations during Diwali sale,” says Amina Khan.

With e-commerce industry offering such heavy discounts during the festive seasons, traditional shop owners suffer.

“Everyone wants to shop online these days. People just come here to see the product but buy it online as it comes at a cheaper price,” says shop owner Amar Singh.

The e-commerce industry is going to grow further and a host of solutions will be developed to offer more and more discounts every festive season. How long will they be able to sustain such massive discounts will decide the future of this trend.… Read the rest

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Polaroid Snap: Vintage Yet Modern Way To Capture The Memories

The launch of Polaroid Snap takes me down memory lane. I recently took a trip to a quaint hill station Kasuali in India where time stood still. Every facet of the picturesque colonial city demanded to be captured in the exclusive frame. However, much to my dismay the only piece of camera I had was the one etched in my smartphones.11164708_10155621248380455_5071032050375955681_n

I did try to capture the beauty of Kasuali in my phone, but the digital pictures failed me miserably. This is when I felt that I needed a camera, which could seize the moment, which could give me exclusive relics.

The Polaroid Snap is one of these, it gives you instant pictures, which you can touch and feel. The camera is 10-megapixel and creates snaps with Zero ink technology and heat activated dye crystals. It lets you store picture in the micro SD card and new photos can be clicked while the old ones are getting printed.

The pictures are bright and make for a great photography experience. What really sets the Polaroid Snap is its ability to store pictures in digital form. You can store the pictures and print them when needed.

Another interesting feature is photo booth, which lets you capture 6 photos in a few seconds. The camera design is minimalistic with a streak of rainbow colors in the front. The camera comes in four colors red, blue, white and black.

It will be rolled out to the buyers later this year for $99. If you are one of those travellers or photography connoisseurs who will like to relive the moments through photos, then this vintage-modern blend of a camera is worth the wait.



 … Read the rest

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New India Boss Appointed By Rovio

Anurag Sachdeva has been appointed the new Country Director for South Asia and India by Rovio, creator of Angry Bird. He used to be the Associate Director of Business Development for Southeast Asia and India in the same country. Sachdeva replaced Antti Orhling, who quit joining Jolla, an open market OS maker, as the CEO.

New India Boss Appointed by RovioIt is true that Rovio has been present in India for more than two years but apart from its presence in events like Pocket Gamer Connects and Nasscom Game Developers Conference, there is nothing much to discuss the company. Rovio had announced in the past that it is making a cricket game with inputs from local developers but nothing of that sort has come out yet.

Sachdeva has been assigned with the task of strengthening the presence of Rovio in this business sector along with managing telco relations for South East Asia. He would also look after expanding the market base of the company.


Rovio’s Chief Commercial Officer, Alex Lambeek, says, “Anurag has proven to be an asset steering the growth of Rovio in this very important market. He brings valuable experience to our Flock’s leadership in South Asia and he will be key to helping us raise our game even further in the region. We look forward to working closely with Anurag and supporting him in this new journey.”… Read the rest

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Intex Ropes in Mahesh Babu as the Face Of Its Mobile Phones

Intex plans to expand its smartphone market soon enough. In a recent statement, the Indian handset maker said that they plan to invest more than Rs. 300 crores towards their promotional campaign. They have hired South Indian actor Mahesh Babu as the face to promote their mobile phones. With all the advertising, they plan to double the revenue to Rs. 8000 crores.INTEX-i-Tab1

“The mobile phone vertical contributes about 75 to 80 percent to the overall revenues of the company. We are looking at around Rs. 300 crores investment in the overall brand. Out of which, 85 percent would be spent on mobile only,” said Intex director Keshav Bansal told NDTV. Intex Mahesh babu

The company is known for rolling out affordable phones in the Indian market. Over the next few months, they plan to produce about 3.5 to 4 million handsets a month. Bansal is reportedly confident of achieving the Rs. 8000 crores revenue target considering Intex is a “zero debt” company.

 In 2014, the company earned Rs. 4,000 crores. Some of the mobile phones produced by Intex include Intex Aqua 2 Pro, Intex Aqua Power, Intex Desire and others. … Read the rest

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The Bevel 3D Camera Is An Innovation In The Making

For those who are fascinated by photography, Bevel will be a leap further. This is a simple device which lets you take 3D images conveniently. Bevel can be attached , which comes with a 3D camera, to the 3.5 mm audio jack of his smartphone running on iOS or Android. And wella! A 3D photograph is on its way.

New Apple iPhone 4S

Once you have plugged in the device, take a photograph using the companion app. The laser sight in the device allows it to measure the space between the object or person being scanned and the camera to make a full depth map. And what you get does not just look like a 3D image but comes with definite depth information, which is a necessity for augmented reality applications and 3D modeling.

These photographs can be shared like normal pictures on social networking sites and other channels. This device can be charged using a Micro-usb port.

The Bevel would cost around $ 49 and will come with a calibration card, a charging cable and membership with Cashew. This is basically a crowdfunded project and has already reached $100,000 of funds against the set target of $200,000 with 25 more days to go. There is no doubt that it will reach its goal but the question is, will it be as useful in the future as it seems to be?

The fact that it is a cool concept available at a nominal price is a positive sign for its chance at sustainability.

 … Read the rest

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NASA Researcher Launches Battery Saving Wifi Chip

An all new wifi chip has been developed by Adrian Tang, a researcher at Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA, California and MC Frank Chang, professor at the University of California-Los Angeles. It will supposedly enhance the battery life for all wifi devices. The report has been published in Popular Science.battery charging apps

More Details

The report also reveals that the chip works by reflecting a signal constantly sent out via a personalised router. Therefore, in absence of an own signal, the chip could help devices last much longer than what we see now. Tang has gone on air saying, “Because you are only imprinting on a wi-fi signal, you are not generating it and do not need power.”

Touching New Speeds

The main issue that had been holding back such a chip mechanism was isolation of a fixed signal that was being reflected back since the original signal also underwent constant reflection. As for the speeds on wifi using this chip, the makers claim to have touched 
330 megabits/second. In such a case, this could indeed be the next big thing.… Read the rest

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Moto G 3rd Gen Specs Impressive With IPX Display And Power Processor

The Motorola 3rd Generation flagship phone Moto G released Wednesday and fans are already going gaga over its stellar features such as IPX7 certification, water resistance and higher processing. With a textured back, the handset is stylish and has a 5-inch screen. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is an icing as are the good viewing angles. Motorola X Style Comes Loaded With 21 MP Snapper

Moto G 3rd Gen specs

On the inside, Moto G 3rd Gen  runs Android 5.1.1 on a 2GB RAM. This is clubbed with a storage of 16GB. What is better is that the Moto G 3rd Gen comes with 4G capacity with Dual SIM support. The maker promises 10 hours and 46 minutes standby time even with video viewing, thanks to a powerful Snapdragon 410 SoC processor and 2570 mAh battery.


The main shutter comes for 13 MP with HDR and autofocus support. While we are not too happy with low light pics clicked with the Moto G 3rd Gen main camera, the selfie cam of 5MP is satisfactory. The Moto G 3rd Gen houses the Moto Display feature like on the Moto X Gen. 2. This means notifications are on display even on sleep mode for the phone. … Read the rest

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Samsung And Apple Keen On Introducing E-SIMs, Says The Financial Times

Korean giant Samsung and Cupertino giant Apple are reportedly talking with telecom companies as well as GSMA in a bid to fix a deal over the standardization of e-SIMs, according to The Financial Times. This will mean an official end to the plastic SIM cards as we see them now.

More Details

If the latest E-SIM technology is indeed made real, it will  allow embedded SIM chips to be put to use so that users are not tied down to any specific network provider, as is the case now. This will also signify that the E-SIM will support all devices to be connected to the carrier whereby the user chooses to register.

The Networks Involved

As per the source, few networks that are in talks with Samsung and Apple are Etisalat ,  AT&T, Hutchison Whampoa , Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Vodafone  and Telefónica. We aren’t too sure if more smartphone manufacturers too are interested in the E-SIM deal and the technical details or construction details for the new SIM types are not yet finalised even superficially.

Anne Bouverot, Chief Executive at GSMA says, “With the majority of operators on board, the plan is to finalize the technical architecture that will be used in the development of an end-to-end remote SIM solution for consumer devices, with delivery anticipated by 2016.” 

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Microsoft May Not Release Lumia 940 Phones As Lumia 950/950XL Is Rumoured To Be On CardsRead the rest

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Upgrade To iOS 8.4 To Enjoy Apple Music

Apple Music is all set to launch tomorrow and to enjoy uninterrupted music on this new app, Apple users will have to upgrade their devices to iOS 8.4. 

Upgrade to iOS 8.4 to enjoy Apple Music from the first dayDownload iOS 8.4 today

The makers are delighted to see the interest of people regarding the launch of Apple Music and Ian Rogers, Apple Music’s Senior Director in a recent blog post on Tuesday informed all users to upgrade their iOS to iOS 8.4.  In his Tweet, the senior director even mentioned that iOS 8.4 can be downloaded from 8 a.m PDT or 11 a.m EDT. 

The new iOS  is reported to introduce some new features and bug fixes. However, the introduction of Apple Music is a major reason for which people will like to make a shift from their existing operating system.

What does update include?

 The Music app updates would also include features that will allow users to add customized descriptions and images to their playlist. A mini player will also be introduced for users so that they can check what is getting played while browsing through the library.

Eddy Cue, the Senior Vice-President of Apple also stated  on Twiiter that the features of iTunes Match would be available in Apple Music. 

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Microsoft Could Launch Windows 10 On USB Flash Drive For Users

Microsoft still considers USB drives and DVD storage worthwhile, as opposed to the Apple. Therefore, the giant might distribute its latest Windows version 10 over physical media despite this being the age of Mac App Store ad internet downloads.

Microsoft Could Launch Windows 10 On USB Flash Drive For UsersThis availability of Windows 10 on a USB drive could have benefits for consumers given that it could reinstate the flash drive manufacturing industry. Last heard, Microsoft was expected to make Windows 10 available for consumers by 29 July. Customers or users of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 are eligible for a free upgrade. We had already brought you a guide on how to go about reserving your free copy of the same.

If case you are not eligible for the free upgrade, you can buy either the Windows 10 Home or the Windows 10 Pro. This Home version is priced at $119 and the Pro will sell for $199. In case you only use this at home, you can simply upgrade the former version to Pro by shelling out about $99.

The price for Windows 10 on USB stick or a flash drive will be similar to the price for a digital download, according to Winfuture.de. You can access the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of the OS via memory drive.

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Will Microsoft Surface Pro 4 hit the market in July or October 2015?

 … Read the rest

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