Apple iOS 9 Update: To Feature New Keyboard And Upgraded Siri

With the annual Worldwide Developers Conferece (WWDC) coming closer, expectations and speculations regarding Apple products is intensifying. The web is already filled with rumors related to upcoming iPhone models and now gossips are splurging regarding new iOS 9, a new operating system from the company.Apple iOS9 To Feature New Keyboard And Upgraded Siri- Goes Slimmer For Older Devices

The new iOS is expected to feature an upgraded Siri, code-named as Proactive, states Cnet. If reports are to be true, the new service will offer much timely and relevant data to apps like Contact, Passbook or Calendar. It is also expected to work equally well with any third-party apps.

The rumors also suggest that Siri would be able to collect information from different sources and update users about the traffic conditions on the days, when events are scheduled in the calendar.

iOS 9 is also expected to feature an all new keyboard, which would work both in landscape and portrait mode, reports 9 to 5 Mac. The iOS 9 is also rumored to bring some good news for people using older devices, as it would be slimmed down for maintaining compatibility with the devices launched earlier. Yet, to get a confirmed details on iOS 9, people will have to wait for official confirmation of the company or till June 8, when Apple may unveil the new operating system in the WWDC. … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to boast area-type fingerprint reader like Apple’s Touch ID

According to news reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet is likely to feature a fingerprint sensor. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is now official and all attention has now diverted towards Galaxy Note 4. Samsung has been experimenting with the fingerprinting technology off late and the company had come up with Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone initially. This had a fingerprint reader which was embedded in its home button.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to boast area-type fingerprint reader like Apple’s Touch ID
Creative Commans/Jeromesandilanico

Talking of its hardware specifications, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is likely to have a 5.5 or 5.7 inch QHD display with a resolution of 2560x 1440 pixels. It is likely to be available in two processor options with one being the Samsung Exynos 5433 and the other being the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quadcore chipset.

You can also expect the Galaxy Note Phablet to have 3GB of RAM. The rumour mill was abuzz with talks of the Phablet being available in 4 GB RAM but nothing can be said with certainty on this aspect. Expect a 16 megapixel rear camera and a 2.1 megapixel resolution on the front edge. The Phablet will operate on Android 5.0 which is likely to make its debut at Google I/O 2014 conference later this month.

Keep watching this space and we will post more details as soon as Samsung comes up with some updates.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Leaked? Support Page Pops up on Company’s Official Website

The news is official or is it not? This question might strike your mind as you scramble through the Finnish website of Samsung. News about Samsung coming up with a Galaxy S5 Mini has been posted on the website recently.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini support page pops up on company’s official website
Flickr: Samsung Galaxy S5

Interestingly, it is Samsung which has come up with the concept of a large flagship smartphone and following it with a mini version of the same. This trend started in 2012 with the launch of Galaxy S3 and the concept has now become a benchmark with Samsung.

Though the company is not revealing much as on date, but the Galaxy S5 Mini is expected to have many trademark features common to Galaxy S5. The website page too does not reveal much about the technical specification of Galaxy S5 Mini. The phone however is expected to have a 4.7 inch display along with 720p resolution and a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.

You can expect 16 GB of internal storage capacity, a mciroSD card slot along with an 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.5 megapixel front facing camera. This new launch from Samsung is expected to be water resistant making it another unique innovation from Samsung.

Galaxy S5 Mini is set to make its debut soon and we will be back with more information as and when the phone makes its debut.

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Rumored Specs and Update on Release Date of Apple’s Flagship iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 is in every sense the most rumored device of 2014. Not only that, this Rumored Specs and Update on Release Date of Apple’s Flagship iPhone 6smartphone is enjoying more varied kinds of rumors than any other device. This is only due to the fact that iPhone 6 is the most anticipated phone of this year.

Apple has not said anything about the release of this smartphone but as per speculations iPhone 6 will hit the market around October. This is because Apple has always released its smartphones in the second half of the year and the last three smartphone models were particularly launched in September- October. Rumors are doing the rounds that Apple would announce iPhone 6 in the Worldwide Developers Conference along with the launch of other devices.

Though it started as a rumor but it is very likely to come true that iPhone 6 would have bigger screen. It is reported to come in two different screen sizes, 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches with higher display resolution. As per rumors, the smaller of the two would be launched first followed by the bigger one in December 2014. iPhone 6 is also speculated to run on iOS 8, powered with A8 processor. It would probably have internal or expandable storage capacity upto 128 GB as per another rumor.

A rumor that has recently cropped up is that iPhone 6 is to cost $ 100 more. Apparently Apple is pushing the carriers to accept this proposition, which they are trying to resist firmly. This could irk the customers a bit.

As long as Apple is not announcing iPhone 6, rumors would continue to float. Some may even come true but to know the reality you have to wait till Apple opens up.

iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Speculated Release Date and Expected Features : The Detailed Description

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Amazon Fire TV- Finally Launched to Give Tough Competition to Apple TV, Roku and Google’s Chromecast

Amazon’s latest offering Fire TV set-top box is up for grabs. This product is based on the hottest OS platform, Fire. It is codenamed as “Mojito”. It comes loaded with solid features including voice search. You just need to take the name of a movie; TV show, genre, actor and Fire TV would instantly adhere to your request.Amazon-logo

Moreover, it features Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube and WatchESPN video apps, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Amazon MP3, Tunein and other audio apps as well. The company also offers its Instant Video client allowing you to access over 200,000 TV episodes and movies. Other features like TV Fling, Advances Streaming and Prediction, HDTV Gaming options are noteworthy.  

Priced at $ 99, same as Apple TV, Roku or Google’s Chromecast; Fire TV is way ahead of its times.While the others have only 512 RAM, Fire TV boasts of a huge 2 GB RAM. Additionally, Fire TV has the powerful quad-core processor along with Adreno 320 graphics engine while Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast comes with single-core and Roku comes with dual-core processors. The device is engineered to support full HD 1080p streaming, dual-band Wi-Fi, both optical and HDMI audio-out for upto 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.

There is nothing more that you can ask for, having thickness of just 0.7 inch; it seems you can never stop having fun when you have Fire TV set-top box installed in your home.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Google Nexus 6 Vs iPhone 6: The Flagship Derby

Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 are all set to release this year. All three devices are s tough competition for each other. Though all of them are not suppose to get release at the same time, they are surely getting a back-to-back release. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T211

Samsung Galaxy S5 is already on the verge of release, which is as early as 11th April 2014. It is even available for pre-order at an exorbitant price though. With 16MP camera and 5312×2988 pixels display, it is surely a substantial item. It would have 2GB RAM and internal memory of 16/32 GB, expandable upto 128GB. It will run on Android KitKat v4.4.2 OS.

As far as iPhone 6 is concerned, there is no concrete evidence about its release date, features or specifications. However, speculation is that the device is being launched in September, 2014 and will have bigger screen size of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Thus, the resolution is supposed to be better as well. It can also have a 12MP camera. The storage space is supposed to be the regular 64GB as with the previous iPhone models. It would surely have A7 processor if not a better one as per the rumor mills.

If rumors are anything to go by then, Google Nexus 6 is slated to release in the last week of October 2014. Some of the speculated features that are doing the rounds need special mention. This device is believed to have 2.4 Ghz+ processor, true octa-core. It would atleast have 4GB RAM. It is believed to come in two variants in terms of memory- 64GB and 128GB.  The phone is also expected to have 5 inch display with 2k UHD resolution display and 20MP camera.

These are just the conjectures. However,  if you were eyeing to buy one of these three, you may have to wait and watch till the official release and feature conformation. … Read the rest

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iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Speculated Release Date and Expected Features : The Detailed Description

Apple has not announced the official release date of  iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 yet ,but it is speculated that they will be hitting the market soon. Rumors of their early release have ripened since Best Buy dropped iPad Mini and iPad Air prices (both cellular and Wi-Fi variants) to $ 100. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Apple has discontinued the iPad 2 and has also lowered the cost of iPad 4.Apple iPad Mini

Many reports are claiming that these devices are seeing the light of the day in October 2014 since it has been kind of a tradition on part of Apple to release its tablets during the autumn season. Moreover, features of both the devices have also become topic of constant media speculation.

People are expecting these devices to be available in larger sizes, which clearly mean they want bigger screen with better display resolution. They would not mind if they get HD display. It is interesting to know how people can get creative with their expectations. Some even want iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air to have Bluetooth mouse support. The next feature that the user would love to have is facial recognition software. iPad Air needs to have touch ID as it is missing this feature found in iPad Mini.

The rumors and expectations are increasing and getting more interesting day by day. Guess, we have to wait till the official announcement and see whether the expectations are met this time or we need to wait for yet another innovation by Apple.… Read the rest

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Apple Updates iWork with New and Enhanced Features for iOS, Mac and iCloud

Soon after Microsoft launched its Office apps for Apple iOS, the latter updated its iWork apps for Mac, iCloud and iOS improving possibly every feature of Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The update has also introduced some fabulous new features in all these three apps. This update is supposed to make all the iWork apps to be highly compatible with Microsoft Office.Apple emoji changes

Keynote, Pages and Numbers on the iCloud platform have got better designs for their presentation, document and spreadsheet editors. They have also gained support for Retina displays. It has become much easier to share documents now. The best feature of the updated versions is the “view-only” setting, which lets you share documents with others but does not allow them to edit the same. You can now share password-protected files of Numbers, Pages and Keynote through an iCloud link in the iOS and Mac platforms.

If all the apps are taken into account separately as per their updated features, Keynote has gained features like enhanced Presenter Display layouts and labels, new builds and transitions. Numbers has got new printing options, custom table styles, custom data formats. Pages has been given improved copy-paste style, enhanced AppleScript support, better feature to properly position pasted and inserted items.

A host of other features are enhanced and included in Pages, Numbers and Keynote about which you can have detailed information in their product pages. … Read the rest

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Google Pokemon Challenge: Catch Pokemon Using Cell Phones

Google plunged into the spirit of April fool’s day by offering a new Google Maps update for Android and iOS devices. They invited users to spot Pokemon using the Google Maps App on their smart phones.Pokemon-X-and-Y_US

Google invited users to play ‘Pokemon Masters’ by spotting the highest number of Pokemon. Though Google’s trick was a prank, there were many users who actually decided to find Pokemon. Google also took the liberty to post a video, which showed people looking for Pokemon at different regions with the use of Google Maps and capturing the Pokemon using their cell phone cameras.

How to find the Pokemon

  • The users must first get the updated Google App launched on their devices.
  • Choose search option, which is there on top of the screen.
  • There are Press Start button as well as the icon of blue Pokeball.
  • This is the spot where the search for Pokemon Master starts.
  • The Pokemon, which you have found can be saved to the Pokedex.

About 150 Pokemon are there to be found in the new update and unlike as in the game, the Pokemon will not fight back. There is an extra Pokemon also added into this challenge as Mew; however it is not necessary to win the challenge. It’s fun and action.

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Nexus 6 Release 3 Confirmed Features: Chromecast Mirroring, Smartwatch Pairing, Android 4.5

google nexus 6 confirmed featuresNexus 6 is up for release by mid of this year. However, in spite of creating immense buzz the Google offering need to stand out from its competitors namely ,Samsung and HTC, whose flagships are also beaming for this years release. Apple is also known to be releasing the latest iPhone 6 and it is known to be featured with a 4.7 inch display screen.

This clearly shows that Google is pressurized to dleiver the best. Lets take a look at the prime speculated and almost confirmed features of Nexus 6:

Chromecast mirroring: As the Google’s Chromecast TV dongle is recently launched, with the help of this device, you can actually various things on a second big screen. Hence, the users will be able to get the Full TV HD experience.

Smartwatch pairing: With this device, a time-telling piece will be introduced which will also act as a remote controller for the cell phone.

Android 4.5: The latest Android 4.5 will be featured with this device, which will provide the users with ultimate experience.

Hints given by Google suggest that the device is likely to be released in June.

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