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Apple iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Z10: In Terms of Viewing Pleasure

Yesterday, we wrote a feature comparing the interfaces of the iPhone 5 with the BlackBerry Z10. Today, we’re bringing you an in-depth comparison of the displays of these two popular smartphones. If viewing convenience is one of your most important criteria in deciding which gadget to pick, read on to see which of them is better.

Apple iPhone 5: The iPhone 5 has a slightly smaller 4-inch screen in comparison with the 4.2-inch offering of the Z10. Apple’s Retina Display technology gives the iPhone 5 a gorgeous resolution of 1136X640 pixels, which works to a ppi count of 326. It’s bright, colors are displayed quite well, and looks good overall.

BlackBerry Z10: The Z10’s 4.2-inch screen pips iPhone 5 not just in terms of screen size, but also when it comes to resolution. BlackBerry has put in a screen with a resolution of 1280X768 pixels, which is 356 pixels per inch. It’s sharp, it’s bright, and leaves us quite impressed.

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In terms of screen brightness, the Z10 wins over the iPhone 5 – colors look more alive on the former when you keep the phones next to each other. Even the Z10’s color reproduction is more accurate. But when it comes to reading text or viewing videos, the performance of both these phones is pretty much tied. Of course, the extra 0.2-inches of the Z10 do make the phone’s screen a tad more comfortable.


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