Given how BlackBerry was said to be losing its enterprise consumers to Apple, the comparison between the new BlackBerry Z10 and the Apple iPhone 5 was but inevitable. So when we got our hands on these devices, we couldn’t help pit them against each other and find the one we liked.

BlackBerry Z10: To start with, let’s just tell you how impressed we were with the BlackBerry 10 OS. It’s been revamped, is anything but boring anymore, and quite comparable with the likes of iOS and Android. It’s quite intuitive, lets us use a lot more gestures to navigate through the phone, especially like the swiping action that lets users power the phone on, and a couple of swipes to get to the BlackBerry Hub. It’s undoubtedly engaging – a major coup for the company.

And then there’s the multitasking abilities, which reminded us of the Windows Phone’s Live Tiles. Keep your apps running in the background in the form of miniature tiles and they’ll constantly keep getting updated. We also liked the pull-down menu that provided shortcuts to the phone’s settings, and helped us turn on WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. But the best part about the Z10 has to be the keyboard, which is fast, extremely intuitive, and easy to use once we got the hang of it. We especially loved the word flicking feature.

Apple iPhone 5: Apple ended up receiving quite a bit of flak for the iPhone 5 and it hasn’t really been doing too well in the market, unlike its predecessors. In addition to its limited screen size, we think the interface has a really important role to play here.

Let’s face it – there’s nothing drastically different in the iOS interface since the time of the first iPhone. And even Apple loyalists can’t be blamed for getting bored! Sure it’s smooth and has the most number of apps, but we would’ve loved to see the world’s most innovative company bring out something more fascinating in the iPhone 5. Maybe the iOS 7 can turn things around for Apple, but until then, you’re probably better off compromising a little on the specs and sticking with your iPhone 4 or 4S instead.