Going by the latest ad campaign for the Nokia Lumia 920 that runs on Windows 8, we do feel Nokia is planning to hit the Samsung Galaxy lineup and iPhone 5 in their gut but is one advert enough? Nokia is working hard indeed – trying to hit a six that has been eluding it with the likes of Samsung and Apple in control of the smartphone pitch.


The Nokia Lumia seems like a game changer for the Finnish-player yet there is a lot more it has to do to make a mark.


The campaign on air tickles our funny bone but the message it leaves behind is the furor over two groups (the bride and groom’s camps here) fighting over the superiority of the Samsung Galaxy series or the Apple iPhone 5. All that the Lumia 920 users do is snap away and enjoy the bedlam!


How Nokia believes the advert to drive their message clearly is something out of my understanding. Will users indeed understand the concept of Lumia’s PureView lens being hundred notches up Samsung and Apple lenses?  Ask me and I am confused. It is time that Nokia’s campaigns highlighted what the Lumia can really do—in a way that its competitors cannot!