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Pick the Best Video Editing App for Instagram Reels in 2023

Believe it or not, the best video editing app for Instagram Reels is its in-app editing tool itself. It is also said that creating and editing Reels within the app would enhance of chances of being picked up by the algorithm. Nevertheless, there are other editing tools available that offer amazing features.

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Best video editing app for Instagram reels apart from Instagram’s in-app tool

1. InShot– This free app offers customizable features. You can choose from a plethora of stickers, filters, music selections, and text captions. The app can be used to resize the Reels dimensions, split, and trim them as well. You can adjust the video speed too with the help of this app.

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2. Clips– Take your Reels to the next level with this app. Clips is meant for getting inventive with Memoji, seizing joyful moments, and experiencing awesome augmented reality effects. To match up with your content, you can use its features like animated stickers, pop-up effects, different music tracks, etc.

Best video editing app for Instagram reels 1

3. FilmoraGo– Make your videos more eye-popping with this editing app. With its auto-synchronization tools, green screen applications, and other interesting features, FilmoraGo makes every reel shine. Explore its animations, templates, music, voiceovers, and everything else that it has to offer.

4. LumaFusion– It is a multitrack video editor that has advanced layering skills in videos, photos, and audio. All these features make this app one of the best for editing Reels.

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5. Splice– Get perfect cinematic effects with Splice. It can be used to customize or change the background videos. Other popular features of Splice are speech-to-text tools, trendy filters, dynamic transition effects, and styles.

6. CapCut– Keep things simple with this app. It offers fresh editing effects. You just need your hands to make your Reels awesome with CapCut.

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7. KineMaster– Both basic and advanced editing options are available in KineMaster. If you are starting your Reel making journey, this app would be a great option. It has thousands of templates to take inspiration from. You can choose from a wide variety of sound effects and music. This app also offers background removal and the green screen feature.

Best video editing app for Instagram reels 2

8. Veed– Create professional-looking impressive videos quickly with this video recording, creation, and editing platform. It can be used outside of Instagram as well. Veed offers auto-resizing and auto-generated subtitles.

9. Adobe Rush– There are various simple and advanced tools within this platform that you can use to level up your content. It offers color correction. The audio editing tools help to make your voiceovers and music fit your requirements.

10. Canva– Known for being a graphics creation and photo editing tool, Canva also offers a video editing feature. You can just drag and drop your video clips in their editor to edit them. Get additional stickers, footage, and graphics from Canva’s media library. You may tweak the audio to suit your vision.

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Let us know in the comments section below which according to you is the best video editing app for Instagram reels. Share this article with other budding content creators who might just be looking for such recom

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