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Multiple Solutions to Transfer Contacts from Old Phone to New Phone

Getting a new phone is exciting. Everyone deserves a technology upgrade when it comes to smartphones. However, one does not have to abandon their contacts simply because the phone is switched. 

If you have a new phone or are planning to get a new one, this article is for you. It’s a breeze to transfer contacts from an old phone to a new phone. 

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone

Easy ways to transfer contacts from Android to Android

1. Transfer contacts via Google account sync

Using a Google account to transfer contacts is the easiest option. The reason is there is no requirement for manual steps. Adding the same Google account to both Android phones syncs the contacts. Let the following steps make it easier. 

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  • Tap the top-left menu in Google Contacts and select Settings.
  • After that, select Import from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap Next after selecting the SIM or phone where your contacts are stored.
  • Choose your Google account and tap next to transfer contacts. 

After selection, contact transfer from one phone is done successfully. 

Syncing the contacts between devices happens automatically. All one needs to do is add the same Google account to the other device. 

If the auto sync does not work, one could do it manually. Go to  Settings > Accounts > Your Google Account > Account sync. 

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2. Transfer contacts via moving SIM to new phone

One could transfer the contacts to another Android phone if the contacts are in SIM cards. Unfortunately, SIMs have restricted contact storage space, you can only store 200-500 contacts. If you are wondering how to transfer Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone, simply place the SIM in the new phone. 

Transfer Contacts from Old Phone to New Phone 3

This is an excellent and hassle-free offline method to transfer contacts from an old phone to a new phone. 

If your contacts aren’t on the SIM card, you can import them with the Contacts app. In the same way as above, go to the Import option in the Contacts app and choose where the contacts are currently saved. 

3. Transfer contacts via using third-party apps

Most third-party apps communicate data using Wi – fi connection direct or Bluetooth. If Nearby Share works for you, you don’t need an app. If not, a third party can transfer contacts quickly and with extra functionality.

Most contact transfer apps are limited or paid. Although X-Transfer is a free app without advertisements. The app offers media, apps, messages, and contact transmission.

Follow the following steps:

  • Install the app on both phones and permit it. 
  • The software prompts a QR code connection. Scan the QR code on either phone using this screen. 
  • Once connected, press Transfer to (phone name) on the other phone. 
  • To successfully transfer contacts, one must first ensure that the Contacts box is selected on the screen and then select Continue. 
  • Nevertheless, the app doesn’t let you pick and choose which contacts get synced. So all the contacts will move to the wanted device. 

Although contacts can also be transferred using Bluetooth. This process is not swift so we did not mention it. Three of the above-mentioned methods work and are legit. 

Easy ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

1. Transfer contacts via an iCloud backup

If one gets a new iPhone, one will undoubtedly want to transfer all of the contacts. One can use iCloud to transfer contacts from an old iPhone to a new iPhone while configuring it for the first time. All the data and preferences, not just contacts, will be synced to the cloud via iCloud.

Here’s how to transfer contacts from a new phone to the old phone: 

  • Make sure your old iPhone is linked to Wi-Fi.
  • Navigate to the Settings app.
  • Tap your name and then iCloud.
  • Ensure that the Contacts toggle is turned on.
  • Choose iCloud Backup.
  • Now is the time to tap back up.
  • Launch your brand-new iPhone and follow the steps to set it up.
  • Tap Restore from iCloud backup after you’ve reached the Apps & Data screen.
  • Use your Apple ID to log in.
  • Just tap the backup you generated from your previous iPhone.

Stay patient while your old iPhone’s contacts and other information move to your new iPhone. 

2. Transfer contacts via iCloud sync

One may easily do it with iCloud:

  • Both of your iPhones should be connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure that both devices are signed into the same Apple ID (Settings > [your name]).
  • Go to Settings then put your name then switch oniCloud on both iPhones.
  • Turn on the Contacts switch on both devices.
  • Once the prompt opens, touch the Merge button to combine the two lists of contacts.

The phonebook is now synced between the two iPhones. To refresh the Contacts app on the new iPhone, launch the app and pull it down from the top of the screen. The old device’s contacts will display in the list. 

3. Transfer contacts via iTunes

Using iTunes is another easy way to import contacts. 

  • Start the iTunes desktop app with your new iPhone connected to your computer.
  • In the top left corner of the screen, click the iPhone icon.
  • Choose “Info” from the list of options on the left.
  • Activate the Sync Contacts option by selecting the checkbox.
  • In the bottom right corner, press the Apply button.

Moving towards the conclusion, now you know how to transfer contacts from Android to Android and iPhone to iPhone. The methods are described in easy-to-follow steps. Also read: Looking for a New Smartphone? These Companies have Decreased Prices 

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