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Best way to recover deleted responses from Google Forms

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If you’re wondering how to recover deleted responses from Google forms, you’re at the right place!

For the unversed, Google Forms is free online software that you can use to create surveys, questionnaires, and quizzes. It’s part of Google’s web-based apps suite that includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, and more. You need a Google account to create a Google Form and it can be used for various applications.

Once you publish the Google Form and share it using public and private share options, it will automatically collect responses. People will fill out and submit their responses and the answers will be only viewable by you- the creator and any collaborators you include.

To view the responses, open your Google Form and go to the Response tab. You will see a summary of the collected responses. In the Response tab, you can also choose to get email notifications for new responses, select a response destination, and download or print the answers by clicking the three dots (near the Google Sheets icon). Additionally, there is an option to delete all the replies. This feature is helpful particularly when testing your sheet.

There are chances you delete the responses accidentally. However, when you delete responses either intentionally or accidentally, they will be deleted permanently. This is because Google Forms does not have version history like Google Sheets or Docs.

How to recover deleted responses from Google forms?

Unfortunately, you can’t recover deleted responses from Google forms. The best way is to sync responses to Google Sheets as deleting the responses in Google Forms will not affect the responses already synced to Google Sheets.

How to sync responses to Google Sheets?

You can either create a new spreadsheet for responses in Google Sheets or choose an existing spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

  • Open your form in Google Forms
  • Tap on Responses
  • Click on the spreadsheet icon. You will see the response destination screen.
  • Choose either ‘Create a new spreadsheet’ or an existing spreadsheet
  • Click ‘Create’ or ‘Select’

Watch this video for more information:

So, that’s how you can recover deleted responses from Google Forms. Keep reading this space for more Google updates and other tech news!

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