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Meta’s Music Sharing Revenue Feature Will Help Creators Earn; Know how

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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has now introduced Music Revenue Sharing for the platform. This will allow creators who use licensed music from popular artists to easily monetize their videos. With this, both the creators and the artists who hold music rights can get to earn through videos on FB.

Music Revenue Sharing is powered by Rights Manager, which is a video, audio, and image-matching tool developed by Meta.

How does Music Revenue Sharing work?

All the creators who wish to use Music Revenue Sharing must first be eligible for both monetization and in-stream ads. After this, when a creator uses licensed music for his videos of 60 seconds or longer, can earn money via some in-stream ads. A share of this revenue would go back to the music license holders.

Meta’s Music Sharing Revenue Feature 1

The creators would earn a 20% revenue share on a specific video and some shares would be kept with Meta and music rights holders. Also do note, that the content that a creator post should satisfy Meta’s monetization policies, music guidelines, and community standards.

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As of now, the feature is only available for the creator in the US. However, Music Sharing Revenue is expected to expand globally in the coming months.

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How to share videos and track earning

The creators who are eligible for monetization and in-stream ads can upload their videos on their page either via Creator Studio or directly. When they choose the track for the videos, they would receive a notification within Creator Studio and in their support inbox, but only if they select an eligible track for Music Revenue Sharing.

Once the video gets published, the creator will receive a notification stating that the video is earning and sharing revenue. Creators can also monitor the progress of expected earnings from in-stream ads.

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Meta, with this feature, aims at bringing video creators and the music industry closer.

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