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Facebook Is Rolling Out Various New Features Including “Feeds”

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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is ready to roll out a new feature “Feeds” tab. The feature will allow users to see posts from their groups, pages, and friends in reverse chronological order. In a blog post, the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, wrote that the company is trying to make it easy for Facebook users to manage what content they would like to see on their News feed.

Along with this, the news feed will now be called “Home” and will play a role of a “discovery engine.” Just like TikTok, Facebook will show you stories and reels recommendations on the Home feed. Zuckerberg also said that this was the most requested feature by the users.

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When will the feature roll out globally?

As per a Meta spokesperson, this feature will be rolled out by the next week globally. It is expected to roll out for the mobile version of Facebook as of now. Later on, the feature will be rolled out for the desktop version as well.

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With this new Feeds tab, users will be able to see what their friends and groups have posted easily.

There is another great feature that Facebook is reportedly working on. Facebook is testing a new feature that will let users create several Facebook profiles that too from a single account.

With this feature, people can create different profiles for connecting with different people. For instance, a person can create three different accounts for talking and connecting with their family, friends, and colleagues.

Isn’t this feature amazing? Now, people don’t have to worry about creating multiple Facebook profiles for different purposes. All they need to do is, create a main Facebook account and then make various Facebook profiles using that main account.

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