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6 Top of the Line Methods to See Instagram Private Account Posts

People from all over the world have flocked to Instagram since its beginning. Roughly a decade earlier, the online photo-sharing culture gained popularity. Notwithstanding many years of success and the influx of new features and innovative revenue streams, Instagram is still holding strong. 

A much appreciable part of being on Instagram is that one can choose their audience. Users on Instagram can opt for their profile to be either public or private. Everyone can see a public account’s content. Private account content is only viewable to followers. Now you must be wondering how to see Instagram private account posts. 

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Instagram accounts by default are public. This implies anybody with access to your profile can see what you’ve posted. To keep your profile private, you must access your account settings and select the corresponding option.

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When an Instagram account is set to private, the content can’t be seen by the general public. The profile is visible, but no further than the bio and profile picture. 

For whatever reason, you may require or simply desire to visit a private Instagram account or read ahead to acquire knowledge about the guidelines to do so. 

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How to see Instagram private account posts

1. Follow the account 

People choose to keep their accounts secret for a reason. They only want to share their content with people they know. Consequently, the only legal way is to send the follow request.

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Acceptance of the follow request may take time, depending on how frequently the account is monitored.

If the request isn’t accepted, DM the creator to catch their attention and perhaps get your request accepted.

2. Use Google to view private account posts 

Here’s how to use Google to access Instagram private account posts.

By using Google, one may locate a lot of content. Simply search for the wanted handle. Regrettably, only content posted while the account is public will be accessible.

3. Create a fake account 

If you want to view the content of a private account holder, without disclosing who you are, make a fake account. Although it is quite creepy to do so. However, creating a fake account and sending a follow request is the only way to gain access to the wanted account. 

A fake profile setup is merely a gimmick, and we never encourage it. So do it only if necessary. Also, proceed in the proper manner to avoid problems in the long run.

Creating a fake Instagram account to view any profile surreptitiously is a scam. Still, other users employ the technique for entertainment. Therefore, please bear in mind to never do it to harm others. 

4. Wait until the profile is switched to public 

We’ve observed individuals switch their accounts between private and public. There is a possibility that a private Instagram account will be converted to a public Instagram account.

Though this does not happen all the time. But if one is patient enough, this is the safest way. 

5. Search on other social media platforms

Provided that someone is on Instagram, there is a possibility that they must be on other social networking websites. If you know their full name, we suggest searching for them on apps like Facebook and Twitter. This is one of the easiest methods and is completely risk-free!

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6. Call on third-party apps 

This method is not the best option. Nevertheless, it is the last option if one is searching for how to see Instagram private account posts. One should use this method only in crucial situations. 

There are numerous third-party Instagram viewer apps which serve the purpose. These apps let anyone go through any profile without letting the owner know. Some of the third-party apps are as follows 

  • Private Insta 
  • Insta Looker 
  • Instagram ++ extension 

Summing up all that has been stated, it is best to use legit methods to see posts from a private account. We recommend following the account regardless of privacy settings. Everyone has the right to privacy. Always make sure your actions are not invading or hurtful. 

The article also includes black-hat methods on how to see Instagram private account posts. We do not recommend these methods at all. However, third-party apps could be used if one is investigating on a serious note or collecting evidence against crime. 

If this is not the case, kindly stick to authentic and legal methods.

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