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Know How to use ChatGPT for Python Programming

How to use ChatGPT for Python Programming

ChatGPT belongs to the GPT-3 language model. Especially meant for chatty language generation. If you want to know how to use ChatGPT for Python programming, you must install and download the OpenAI API client and then receive an API key. Once done, then you can learn further from the example mentioned below.

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How to use ChatGPT for Python Programming

With the help of an example

Step 1: 

$ mkdir python-chatgpt

$ cd python-chatgpt

Step 2: 

Now install the available AI client library for Python. Follow further steps to begin with open AI client library: 

  • Ensure you have Python package manager, Python, and pip installed on your system; then, only you can begin with the OpenAI client library for Python.
  • Begging library installment using a command or terminal prompt, type the following command here:

$ pip install openai

  • Once you enter the command, the client of OpenAI API and its dependencies will install
  • After installation, the user can bring in the library in the Python code; you have to add the following command at the beginning of your script.
How to use ChatGPT for Python Programming 1

import openai

  • Now generate a new file named chat.py within the project file, then start inserting the import statement at the beginning of the file.
  • Further extend the Python code, then use your OpenAI client library to integrate with artificial intelligence.

import openai

#Set up OpenAI API client

Open.api_key = “Your_API_KEY”

# Set up the model and prompt

Model_engine = “text-davinci-003”

Prompt = “Hello, how are you today?”

# Generate a response

Completion = openai.Completion. create(








Response = completion.choices[0].text


  • This way, an answer to the prompt Hello, how are you today? Will be generated, that too because of the ChatGPT model. A string will come back as a response within the response variable.

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How to customize the behavior

Now that you know how to use ChatGPT for Python programming, further you can edit the ChatGPT model’s behavior by regulating the temperature parameter because temperature controls the randomness within the created text. Higher the temperature, more diversified and coherent the responses are.

You can also customize the length and appropriateness of the content. For that, you must apply the stop parameter to define a sequence or string in case you encounter it within the created text. It will begin the ChatGPT model to generate additional text. 

Within YOUR_API_KEY holds the place for your true API key.

  • Start with signing up for an OpenAI API account so as to obtain an API key. Go to the website of OpenAI  and click the ‘Get an API key’ button.
  • Once you get your API key, you should add your API key in YOUR_API_KEY within the Python code.
  • This way, an API client can authenticate your appeal to the OpenAI API. Let’s take an example, change the command part again, and try the following command to execute the Python script: 

$ Python chat.py

In the image below, ChatGPT is answering the query, which we had submitted previously, Hello, how are you today? :


This was the basic example in the article to let you know how to use ChatGPT for Python programming. Further, if you know basic Python coding, you can extend the commands according to your requirements. We hope you like the example mentioned above.

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