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Know How to Add Bing ChatGPT in Skype

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Microsoft acquired Skype as a video calling, voice calling, and text messaging application that works with the internet. Over time these functions were taken over by Whatsapp, telegram, and Zoom. But lately, the latest AI technology (Bing ChatGPT) by Microsoft has opened scopes of group chat summarization, and automatic suggestions for your queries. So Bing ChatGPT is worth adding to your skype account. 

You can add Bing ChatGPT to your skype account by becoming a Being Chatbot member first and then changing settings in your skype inbox. Here is a detailed process of how to add Bing ChatGPT in Skype.

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5 steps to how to add Bing ChatGPT in Skype

Step 1: Become a member of Bing ChatGPT

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  • Open Microsoft Edge > hit on the ‘Start’ button > type ‘Edge’ in the search bar > hit ‘Enter’
  • You will reach www.bing.com/new
  • Press ‘Join the waitlist
  •  If they ask, enter your Microsoft email and password

That was all, if you want Microsoft to respond faster to you then, you should:

  • Set Microsoft as your default browser
  • Install the Microsoft Edge app from your Microsoft store

Once Microsoft makes you a member of Bing Preview, you can proceed to step 2. In case you are already inside Being preview, you can skip step 1.

Step 2: Download and Install the Skype application on Windows

You should have Windows 10 or 11, then download Skype on your PC. Wait for its installation. In case you already have Skype on your PC, you can again proceed to step 3 directly. 

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Step 3: Enter your Login details

You can log in using either Skype or Microsoft account details.

Step 4: Add Bing ChatBot to your contacts on Skype

Tap on ‘New Chat’ > Search for ‘Bing’ > now start a conversation with Bing, by saying ‘Hi.’ And that’s it, Being will be added to your Skype contacts.

Step 5: An optional step is to add Bing to your group chats

Open your group chat on skype > go to the settings icon, available next to your group name > Tap on ‘Add participants’ > Choose ‘Bing.’ And now Bing will be part of your group chat. If you wish to chat with Bing in your group chat, simply put @Bing at the start of your message. Your conversation with ‘Bing’ will start.


Hopefully, now you know not only the answer for how to add Bing ChatGPT in Skype. But you also know that adding Bing to your Skype chat can help you with suggestions for any of your queries like nearby restaurants to hang out. Bing can even summarize your long group chats and save you time and energy going through all of the chat. Point is that Bing ChatGPT will save you the time of going to the browser for your answers. It’s like your intelligent friend who knows the answer to everything. What is your experience with Bing ChatGPT, tell us in the comments section.

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