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Know How to Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage for Free

In this era of content creation, content creators need abundant digital storage capacity. In between all of this, 15GB of free storage is now so small as there is limitless data to be stored. So, if you wonder How to Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage for Free? Then, your answer is simple, you need to merge your multiple google drive accounts. This way you get multiple free storage of google drives such as from OneDrive account, Google Drive account and Dropbox account.  

Here is a simplified step wise process on how to get unlimited cloud storage for free.

Note: In case you are a Google Pixel 5 user or even its earlier version, you can store high quality (saver quality) videos or photos, without storage limitation.

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How to merge different Google drive accounts

There is a cloud combination tool CBackup that you can use to combine all of your Google drive accounts and create unlimited free storage for your backup. As the name suggests, it is excellent in combining cloud storage. Following are some reliable features that are a good reason to trust CBackup:

  • Excellent security: CBackup is an OAuth industry based system, an open standard which provides access delegation. For this reason, CBackup will only access your cloud data after you give authorization, all of this without login messages.
  • Flexible schedule for backup: You will get 4 different modes of backup. They are Monthly, Weekly or One time only. So, you have a choice according to your needs.
  • Easy backup from cloud to cloud: Other than usual cloud backup, you can backup your stuff between two cloud backups, that too without uploading and downloading. For example: users can backup OneDrive to Google Drive easily.

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How to get Google Drive unlimited Storage for free, using CBackup

Step 1: Firstly, apply for a CBackup account. Once you get into it, launch the CBackup software on your PC and sign in to it.

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Step 2: Go to the storage tab screen, you can choose OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive, (provided if you have accounts on all of them). Further, choose ‘Authorize Now’ to grant access to CBackup to connect with your cloud drive data. 

Note: You can connect only one account in one go, so you can repeat the same step multiple times to connect all of your drive accounts to CBackup.

Step 3: Now go to the left panel, press ‘Storage tab’ > and choose ‘Add Combine Cloud’ option.

Step 4: You can rename the combined cloud to identify it easily. Further, select all checkboxes visible next to the cloud accounts you added.

Step 5:  Now Hit the ‘Next’ button, and combine.

After you complete these steps, now you have unlimited free cloud storage for your Google videos and photos. And this is How to Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage for Free?

How to backup your Windows to CBackup with Google combined cloud

If you backup your Windows to CBackup which is already connected to unlimited storage, lots of your backup hassle will be saved. Follow, following steps to know How to Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage for Free:

Step 1: Go to CBackup, which is already connected to your unlimited cloud storage

Step 2: Hit on ‘Backup position’ now press ‘Backup PC’ to combined cloud

Step 3: Again you can rename the task name. Reach out to the local directory and select files you wish to backup. 

Finally, hit on ‘Start Backup’ and you are ready to backup your Windows to Google Drive. 

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Above mentioned CBackup solution is a reliable way to get unlimited cloud storage for your digital backup. Also it was a simple method to understand How to Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage for Free? You can download and try it today only.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How much storage do we get in Google unlimited cloud storage?

By connecting different cloud accounts, you will get their combined storage. But, If you wish to get unlimited cloud storage in the form of 1TB. You will need to sign up for a Business G suite account that costs $12/month/user. Which can be used by 5 users, and each user will get 1 TB storage. 

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