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Here is How to Remove Transaction History from Google Pay App

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Google pay is a convenient way to receive or send money between two Gpay users. All you need to do is install Gpay on your mobile. Along with convenience Gpay offers a clear transaction history so that users can have a clear idea of where their money went or from where it came. 

The transaction history feature is no doubt useful in many aspects, but it becomes problematic if someone doesn’t want to keep this data. That could be for any personal reason. So here is your answer for how to remove transaction history from the google pay app.

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How to remove transaction history from the Google pay app

A simple step-by-step guide is available below. This method lets you delete transaction history from your Gpay but via Google chrome not from the Gpay app itself. So follow the following steps to remove transaction history from the Google pay app.

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Step 1: Open your mobile or device and go to Google Chrome

Step 2: Navigate to > now locate your Google Account

Step 3: Open your Google account using your credentials

Step 4: Go to the top left corner of the screen > Tap on it

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Step 5: Choose ‘Data and privacy’ > Tap on the ‘History Settings’ from all of the options on the list

Step 6: Now go to ‘Web and App Activity’ > Further tap on ‘Manage All Web & App Activity’

Step 7: Tap on the three-line bar available in the search bar

Step 8: Choose ‘Other Google Activity’ > now go to ‘Google pay experience’

Step 9: Further choose ‘Manage Activity’ under the Google pay experience

Step 10: Tap on ‘Delete’ (a drop-down arrow), now choose the particular transaction you wish to delete from the history

Step 11: You will see options ‘Last hour,’ ‘last day,’ ‘custom range’ and ‘all time’

Step 12: Choose an option according to your choice > now hit ‘Delete’ so that you complete the deletion process.

Once you complete the process, your chosen transaction history will be deleted. You can see the changes in transaction history within 12 hours.

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Know how to delete your Google pay account

In case for any reason you don’t wish to use Google pay in the future, then deleting your transaction history is not enough. In this case, you should go on deleting your Google pay account. Follow the following steps to delete your Google pay account:

  • Open your device > go to the Gpay app
  • Enter your Gpay pin > and oven the app
  • Now go to the top right corner of the screen to tap on the profile photo
  • Hit on the ‘Close account button’ to delete your account
  • Once your account is deleted > now uninstall the app from your phone.

Do not worry about your bank accounts connected to Gpay. They will be automatically de-linked from Gpay once you complete all of the steps mentioned above.


Transaction history is easily available on Gpay. although it is available for the convenience of users. But may prove to be uncomfortable for those users, who wish to keep their transaction history private from others around them. Though there is no specific feature available on the app, users can delete their transaction history from Google Chrome. Hopefully above mentioned steps answers, how to remove transaction history from the google pay app.

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