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Know How to Close Flipkart Pay Later

Sometimes users want to avoid using the latter payment option, so they want to know how to close Flipkart pay later permanently. If you are also one of them, it will require you to contact Flipkart customer support. Flipkart Pay later is in collaboration with IDFC First Bank Ltd. But this bank cannot help you directly to close Flipkart pay later.

How to contact Flipkart customer support and close Flipkart pay later.

Follow the following steps to contact the Flipkart customer support team so that they permanently close your Flipkart pay later:

  • Navigate to the Flipkart help center 
  • You will see ‘Type of issues’ written on the left side of the screen > Choose ‘I want help with other issues
  • Further, choose ‘Others.’
  • Now you get options of either ‘Chat’ with a team or ‘Request for a callback.’
  • Once you choose the option, the customer support team will contact you.

Remember to mention that you want permanent closure, not ‘inactive’ or ‘temporary pause’ of your account.

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Or try the RBI Ombudsman

Although the method mentioned above works for everyone, if you are still waiting for a response for the closure of your Flipkart, pay later. You can try Grievance Redressal by reaching out to the RBI Ombudsman.

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Things to remember before you close Flipkart pay later

Remember the following things before starting the process of how to close Flipkart pay later:

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  • Remember to clear all your dues. Otherwise, your Flipkart pays later won’t be completed.
  • Once you request Flipkart payment subsequently, within 2-3 weeks, you should receive NOC from your Flipkart pay the later lending provider. If you don’t, you should ask for it.
  • Sometimes users notice a slight decrease in their credit score once they close their pay later account. Don’t worry; it will return to its level after some time.
  • Even after your account closure, you may notice ‘closure’ is not reflected on your CIBIL profile. Don’t get scared. It will take 2-3 months to show the updated status on your CIBIL account.
  • Even if your Flipkart pay later is closed for many years, you will still see your CIBIL as a ‘closed’ account for some years. For record-keeping purposes, it happens so that your lender knows what credits you had opted for formerly
  • If you are interested, keep your Flipkart pay later account as it is; there is no harm in it. You will have a healthy blend of ‘Loan’ or ‘Credit Card’ accounts on the credit profile.
  • Your credit score depends on the age of your credit line. If you don’t have credit cards, keep your Flipkart pay later option open. This is also a credit line that’ll help you have a good credit score, and hence you quickly get a loan or a credit card in future.


It’s an easy process of how to close Flipkart pay later. There are multiple options you can still opt for; all are mentioned above. Tell us in the comments section what you’ll choose to do.

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