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Twitter to End Legacy Verification- Explicit Explanation of the New Verification System

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20th April 2023 would be the last date for the elimination of legacy blue ticks on Twitter as announced by Elon Musk. This decision was made since the company is moving towards introducing its new verification system. Legacy-verified users would need to subscribe to Twitter Blue to uphold their verified status. 

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Key facts about the latest Twitter verification system

Automatic verification: This is applicable for verified organizations only. Musk says that any Twitter account that is linked with a verified organization shall be verified automatically. Verified organizations shall have the option to nominate entities or individuals associated with them for verification. The options are available for support handles, leadership roles, brands, and employees.

Affiliate badges and color-coded badges: Linked users shall get an ‘affiliate badge’ and one of Twitter’s verification badges. The ‘affiliate badge’ is a small image of the parent organization’s profile picture. When clicked, it would take the users to the affiliate organization directly.

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Subscription fees for individual users and organizations: Individual users can get or keep their blue tick by buying a Twitter Blue subscription for $ 8 a month or $ 84 a year. Companies can nominate unlimited affiliates. Each user would cost an extra $ 50 a month on top of the monthly $ 1000 ‘Verified Organizations’ subscription fee.

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Legacy verification shall be no more

The end of the free legacy verification program attracted a lot of flak along with the introduction of paid Twitter Blue subscription system. Earlier accounts of notable politicians, celebrities, journalists, influences, etc. were authenticated based on their affiliation, legitimacy, and identity. The new system shall allow anybody to verify their account if they are willing to pay.

However, since Twitter decided to take the step, organizations and users need to adapt and adhere to the changes. They need to be ready to pay to maintain their verified status on Twitter as there is no other option. Let us know in the comment section below your opinion on Twitter’s decision.

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