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Know how to check someone’s WhatsApp latest trick 2023

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There are not just invading reasons but security reasons, for which you wish to know how to check someone’s WhatsApp latest trick 2023. Whatsapp is usually used for chatting purposes, but it may become damaging to your children, as there are hackers or harmful content circulating over the internet. You can watch others’ whatsapp by using the following whatsapp hacking tool.

Whatsapp hacking tools to know how to check someone’s WhatsApp latest trick 2023

 KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Top ranking app on the list, no jailbreak, and you can even go through its free demo. Once you see the demo, you will understand how useful it is. If you wish to use premium features, you must get a license, which will cost $7.5/month for your yearly plan.

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You get top-quality features, including the ability to hack call history, messages, photos, audio, status and even more premium features.

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KidsGuard simplifies its use by simplifying Whatsapp call recording without having you root the target device first.

You’ll only need a strong internet connection, and it’ll keep working in the background, with no notifications, no app icon on your screen and all information at your fingertips. Also, you don’t even require a whatsapp account or password of the other person.


  • Takes 5 minutes to install
  • Can hack WhatsApp remotely, without any doubt to another person
  • Users get advanced hacking features and can sync all Whatsapp data in real-time
  • Affordable in comparison to other apps available for hacking
  • You can even get money back in 30 days in case you are not fine with the experience


  • You don’t get a free version
  • Some advanced features like VoIP calls are not supported on iOS

FoneMonitor App

FoneMonitor is the easiest app to understand how to check someone’s WhatsApp latest trick 2023. A useful app on the list has a price range as follows:

  • There is a premium edition for Android users at $29.99/month and $39.99 for 3 months
  • Ultimate edition at $39.99 per month and $49.99 for 3 months

Although it was launched later, FoneMonitor has a larger audience than other apps in the market. All you have to do is install this app on the device you wish to hack whatsapp from; you can easily hack all whatsapp activities afterwards.

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This app works well on both Android and iOS phones. You can track screen time, messages, and other activities using this application. But some advanced features are still missing.


  • Simple, easy interface to use
  • Remote Whatsapp monitoring is possible
  • You can use the same applications to hack multiple Whatsapp accounts


  • It doesn’t offer extensive features like documents or VoIP calls
  • You will need to disable Google play protect, then only this app functions
  • You need to jailbreak or root to access the product

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mSpy App

mSpy costs $69.99 per month, $119.99 per 3 months and $199.99 for a year. A fine app that can be used to hack WhatsApp from a target phone. That’s how to check someone’s WhatsApp latest trick, 2023

mSpy, as the name suggests, can spy on Whatsapp chats, videos and photos. It can even block third-party apps from the target device. That’s why it is one of the best parental control applications.


  • Enables 24-hour monitoring
  • Has an interactive dashboard
  • Has a variety of features to hack Whatsapp activities


  • Limited features available in the basic version
  • No clear guide support is available
  • Comparatively expensive

Spyera App

Spyera app costs $389/year, $289/6 months, $189/3 months, and $31.99/month. It doesn’t require root, but Jailbreak is necessary. It is an advanced hacking tool and is available for free download. It can hack entire chat history and upload videos and photos.

One of the advanced features the Spyera app offers is its ability to enable Mac OS and Windows monitoring. You can even download media files and attachments from hacked Whatsapp. Not just for Whatsapp, you can use it to hack Facebook, Snapchat etc. as well.


  • Works like KidsGuard, do not need Whatsapp account password
  • You can track the frequency of Whatsapp and another app usage
  • The app works in different languages


  • Its setup process is time-consuming and needs technical knowledge. Also, after long usage, the target device will lose its performance.

Final thoughts

Whatsapp may seem safe as we only add our known contacts on Whatsapp, but it still has the potential for dangerous hacking or unusual content circulation. So, keep your children safe until they properly understand the potential dangers of using networking apps. Which application did you find helpful for understanding how to check someone’s WhatsApp latest trick 2023? Tell us in the comments section.

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