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The Latest WhatsApp Feature Allows the Use of One Account on Multiple Devices

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The most awaited WhatsApp feature is being rolled out by Meta finally. Now WhatsApp desktop and web users can use the same account on up to four devices. Each linked device shall work independently. Thus, even if there is no internet access on the main device, other devices would be able to exchange messages and media.    

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Kindly note

The primary device needs to remain active because if it is inactive for a longer time, WhatsApp would log out on all the linked devices. The four devices could be four smartphones or a combination of smartphones and computers or laptops.

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How to link multiple devices to one WhatsApp account?

There are several ways of linking all devices to one account and Meta shall release more methods to link as well in the future. One of the methods available now needs the user to enter the phone number on the secondary device and feed the OTP received on the primary smartphone. Another method is to scan the code on the primary phone to link a secondary device.

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The feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The best part is that the different devices can be on both platforms. Thus, if a person uses WhatsApp on an Android device, he can link the account on an iOS device as well and vice versa. Meta confirmed that the feature would be rolled out across the world in the coming weeks and shall be available for all WhatsApp users accordingly.

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How to get this feature?

To get this feature or to check its availability on your device, update the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Download and install the app if you do not use WhatsApp already but want to check it out now. Ensure that both the primary and secondary devices have the latest version of WhatsApp.

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